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Verizon LTE 2010/11 Roadmap Leaked – 75% of US Covered by April 2012

VerizonLogo I truly cannot wait for LTE. Even if it is just to get upgraded tethering and MiFi performance beyond the measly 1mbps we get nowadays from 3G. The BoyGenius leaked some details on Verizon’s upcoming roadmap for 2010/11 including LTE and things are looking good. Most of it seems to focus on Android devices with things like 1.3Ghz processors (oh RIM…) and Android tablets. No word on the Storm3 revision but hopefully that is still on schedule.

What is interesting to note is:

  • Verizon Wireless is aiming and on track to have at least 75% of the country covered in LTE coverage by April 2012
  • There will be a Novatel LTE MiFi device available in January or February that will apparently support up to 10 simultaneous Wi-Fi users.
  • Lastly, we’re told LTE data pricing will stick at $59.99/month, though it’s unclear what the data allowance will be. (This is for data cards, not smartphones)

Should be interesting to see how the whole 3G war plays out. I am happy that Verizon is not planning on raising the charges for 4G data cards but hopefully they will raise the 5GB allowance on them.

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  1. Ronen, notice how the leak on BGR didn’t even mention a single think about Blackberries. It’s mostly about Android devices. This just shows how Blackberry has already lost the mindshare in the consumer market. iPhone and Android is all consumers care about right now. I wish the RIM CEOs would wake up already.

  2. I attribute the leak over at BGR to a Android fanboy, not a full disclosure. There’s no way in the time covered that no new BlackBerry will hit Verizon.

    • I didn’t mean to imply that no new BlackBerry will hit Verizon. We all know the Storm3 is coming to Verizon this fall. My point is that people care less and less about new Blackberries.

  3. I think it’s great! I’m definitely looking forward to the new Blackberry. I just don’t k ow if I can wait until 2012 for the devices. I’m anxious for the playbook and I think this alone will help Blackberry/RIM. I’m looking forward to it for certain. 🙂

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