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iPhone Users Have More Sex than BlackBerry Users?

SexAndSmartPhonesIn my head I have always had this stereotype of the different smartphone OS users:

  • iPhone users = trendy groupies waiting for the latest fashion statement
  • BlackBerry users = regular Joes and Janes who appreciate simplicity and efficiency
  • Android users = nerds who just cant wait to root their device

Feel free to lambast me in the comments about the wrongs of stereotyping users. With that out in the open 🙂 it was not surprising when I hear about the results of an experiment done by They collected 552,000 users pictures and paired them up while asking people to make snap judgments of “who would you go on a date with?” They collated these judgments with the metadata (EXIF) coming from the pictures and made graphs.

They found that there was a interesting correlation between your smartphone of choice and how many sexual partners you have had by the age of 30. They based this chart on the 9,785 users where they had this info:


They also have it by age and Smartphone


They also found that the brand of camera you have has a huge correlation to how good you look in pictures:


Along with the class of camera you own:


Check out more of their “experiments” at this link

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  1. I have to agree! I am 22 years married and been a Blackberry user since the beginning. My son is 20 and an Iphone user. Who do you think is having more sex??

  2. My god.
    I refuse it. If I were you, I’ll prefer some nice videos on my iphone. Thanks to iFunia video converter , helps me enjoy my videos on my iphone and ipad.
    In the other side, some iphone users may be excited, iPhone is more than just a phone. It combines three devices in one: a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device. All that and more makes it the best phone you’ll ever use.

  3. …Or iPhone users are more promiscuous than BlackBerry users? It’s just assumption to think that the quantity of partners has any correlation to the quantity of sex. There could be plenty of people who had few partners but LOTS of sex.

    Also, the average number by age of 30? A significant percentage of both Android and iPhone users are below 30 (relative to BlackBerry, I imagine). Not sure how meaningful that makes any of this data.

    The camera attractiveness factor is pretty interesting, though.

    • Finally, someone else who sees the flaws here. Saying someone has a lot of sexual partners and that they have a lot of sex are two very different things. To me, this just tells me that iPhone users are more likely to be whores, but that reveals my bias.

  4. This is height of …………………..:)
    Compare b/n Iphone and RIM, IPhone grabbed more market and youth likes IPhone and RIM(Black Berry) is official phone using above 30Age.And last but not least is Android is new technology so of-course it contains the less share.So customers also less.

    Then what is the link b/n Phone and Romance :)))))

  5. Bb has more

  6. After these publications, many people certainly will buy iPhone, because it is the guarantor of more sexual partners. Probably the best advertisement I’ve ever seen. 😉 Funny comparison.

  7. How on earth you managed to get this information I will never know!

    However great post for the morning!

  8. So how is it possible to collect such data? I am amazed after seeing this result. The number of sex partners are directly proportional to iPhone mobile. lol. It is a new piece of information to me.

  9. I do not prefer to BB

  10. @mete: it means you have sex more often… lol

  11. Wow very interesting and eye opener news. I do not know how they managed to gather this type of information but this is really interesting. Well now blackberry or android should release that BB and android user get less divorce than iphone. LOL

  12. It is something interesting news to know. iphone and bb comparison on the basis of sex. wow! but is it something that is practically true?

  13. a nice review.

  14. A nice post and thanks for sharing the reviews with us.
    Appreciate your work and keep sharing your information.

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