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BlackBerry Torch 9800 Reboots in ~80 Seconds!

IMG_1797 That is still about 80 seconds longer that I want to wait but I have been doing some preliminary testing on how long it takes for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 to reboot. Ideally we would never have to reboot our BlackBerrys but it has slowly become a fact of life especially when updating applications like Facebook and Google Maps. One of the real pains of rebooting is that BlackBerrys have a history of taking forever to reboot.

My old Bold 9000 use to take about 5 minutes to reboot and recently my Bold 9700 has been averaging 3-4 minutes. That is why I was truly surprised when I started counting how long it takes for my new BlackBerry Torch 9800 to reboot and reach the homescreen after verifying security settings. Here are the numbers:

  • Reboot #1: 82 seconds
  • Hard reset (Battery Pull #1) 87 seconds
  • Reboot #2: 79 seconds
  • Hard reset (Battery Pull #2) 84 seconds
  • Reboot #3: 81 seconds

So far it looks pretty stable at about 80 seconds to reboot and 85 or so seconds to hard reset… That is much faster than what I am used to an not as unbelievable as previous models. I guess RIM really did tweak the BlackBerry 6 core OS. I thought it would actually lengthen load times with all the new visual elements…

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  1. Why not load at least 15 to 20 extra apps and then reboot. My quess you will be back up to 3/4 minutes.

  2. That’s what I was going to ask. What do you have loading at start up? Has anything been installed? Just curious.

  3. I hsve quite a few apps installed from slacker to viigo to zonasnap… Berryreader and more

  4. My new curve 8900 took about 95 seconds to boot up from a battery pull (running 4.6)
    When I added my apps (about 10) and 4 themes and my contacts (just 100+) and messages (20k+), it took 4mins+ to boot..

    I forgot ask. Are our backups (ie message, contact, passwords) compatible with os6? (Meaning we can just transfer these data over)

  5. Awesome! Based on your recent posts, it sounds like the Torch and OS6 are winning you over.

  6. Can we get some video proof. 😉

  7. Do you really want a 80 second video of a loading screen?

  8. My Pearl 8100 takes about 6 minutes.
    My wife’s Curve 8520 takes about 2 minutes.
    My Bold 9700 takes more than 4 minutes.
    My future Torch 9800 would take ? (I hope your test is right)

    Thanks for the info

  9. My 7100 was like 45 seconds. Then my 8830 hovered just over a minute. My Storm takes about 2-3 minutes and my Tour (yes its on a BES) is an awful 7-9 minutes. So this 9800 news is great.

  10. My curve, pearl, and bold all took well over 5-8 minutes to reload. But after installing a hybrid 5.0 OS my bold loads in 90 or less. takes a 1/4 of my battery life with it but its something I can live with.

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