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BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.0 Released With WiFi Media Sync

desktop manager RIM has been kind enough to release BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 today so all of you can be ready for the launch of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and BlackBerry 6. I got a chance to play with the new desktop manager and it seems like a nice upgrade. It was a bit convoluted to find the option to set up my Torch with our BES but other than that it works nicely.

They have added some better context wizards along with the huge update of wirelessly syncing music with your PC over Wi-Fi. Sadly from what I have seen it ONLY syncs music and not media like pictures and other files. The music sync also works through iTunes or Windows Media Player so you cannot simply sync a folder with your BlackBerry.

You can read more about BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 at this link or simply download it here

Let us know what you think of the new interface! Thnx Steve for sending this on in.

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  1. I downloaded it. It is newer than the one what was leaded. That was .32, and this official one is .42. HOWEVER I tried to install and said it was not a valid 32-bit application. I guess the dl went bad and need to dl again.

  2. Ooooh thanks for the tip! Knowing RIM it’ll prob take forever to upgrade & will break some sync add-ins, so I’ll hold off for now though…

  3. Hopefully RIM recognizes a lot of people want nothing to do with either iTunes or WMP. Sounds like wireless music sync will be useless for me until then, assuming Verizon ever gets BlackBerry 6 on the street.

    • yeah I don’t use the sync features gets on my nerves I just rather drag and drop files thats my style. I don’t bother creating play list because I know what I like so what I like is my play list already.

  4. RIM has now started pushing the new Desktop Manager (now known as BlackBerry Desktop Software) via the auto update.

    I have noticed a major flaw in that the software ignores the settings for Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected — I have mine set to Prompt yet the microSD card is auto mounted when connected to BlackBerry Desktop Software v6.0.

  5. Being on BES (Lotus) I personally prefer the “old” BBDM 5- I can see all the time the server status in the status bar. I didn’t find this feature in the new (6) version. Or may be I’m missing something?

  6. I recon the old ‘Certificate Synchronization’ part also bit the dust? At least, I can’t find it any more.

  7. Yeah I saw something in the knowledgebase saying don’t upgrade if you use sync

  8. Yeah the preferred workaround is uninstall 6 and install 5.0.1.

  9. Not too thrilled with the fact that after upgrading the blackberry software.. media sync no long allows me to swap music and photo’s from my phone without having a SIM card installed in the phone. I managed find without it before, but alas, it seems that blackberry is putting their foot down..

    for shame

  10. App is way prettier, way slower. Better distribution of options but also did not recognize my previous settings so had to poke everywhere before trying.

    Major BUG in that it did NOT want to delete contacts in either direction – kept forcing a re-add WTF — finally had to force a one way contact synch for it to hold. App obv useless just for that.

    Other parting gift is is after XP said OK to remove from USB, bb rendered my 8G microSD unreadable — no music, ringtones, photos, nothin’

    Thanks for the RIM job

    How can I roll back! And how can I fix my card!

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