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RIM Interviews BlackBerry Torch 9800 Product Manager Annu Dawar

annu - 9800 I always wanted to meet the product manager for new BlackBerry devices but RIM usually tends to hide them in the background. Doug over at the official BlackBerry Insider blog has been really good at offering some email interviews with the product managers of the latest BlackBerry devices. These interviews give us a little bit of curated insight on how the device came to be.

The latest interview gives us some details on the BlackBerry Torch 9800 courtesy of its Product Manager Annu Dawar. Here are some of the interesting tidbits I found:

  • RIM made a point of making the 9800 usable just with the trackpad and keyboard just like other BlackBerrys
  • While doing so they still wanted to make sure the touchscreen experience was fluid
  • The idea was just to build on the core BlackBerry experience and round it out with BlackBerry 6 features
  • They wanted to make sure it was instantly recognizable as a BlackBerry
  • Action menus are supposed to entice us change the way we use our BlackBerrys using more efficient methods

Check out the full interview at this link. Hopefully they will do a follow up with the product manager for BlackBerry 6!

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  1. Am I the only one not drinking the water on that action menu crap? Its nothing more than glorification for a minor update to a pre existing feature.

    I am pretty sure there is the option to open the full menu or a shortened one with a click of the track*(pad etc).. Since 4.2?? maybe earlier? Only differences with OS6 are
    ++ available on every screen
    –the touch and hold down takes longer and is far less intuitive than clicking.. Like kevin hated about the iphone, it takes 2 seconds to open a menu?? Talk about efficient

  2. Wow what a powder puff piece. Would have liked to get some candid comments on:
    1. Why go with a low-rez screen
    2. Why is there no change to how app memory is used (ie. Why can we still only run a few apps before running out of memory and why do we need to constantly be rebooting our bberries to free up ram.
    3. Why go with a slow processor
    4. What is plan to foster a better app ecosystem.

    Instead, shockingly, we discover that this guy thinks the torch is the best phone ever made.

    • Are you using a 8330 or something? #2 is hardly the case from any of the users i’ve talked to on the 8530/8520, 9650, 9700 (including my own usage)…

      • I’m using a 9000. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a fair chance I’ll get a 9800, but it may still ease some of the shame if I knew there was a least a good reason for releasing the device with less screen rez / app memory / processor than the other top tier devices have.

  3. I am actually kind of impressed so far with the 9800. Lightyears ahead of the 9700… But that is partly due to BlackBerry 6

  4. Everyone forgets the battery life……my theory is that there wasn’t a screen and processor that used battery life efficiently enough to give them the two days most people can normally squeak out on a Blackberry. and, every review i’ve seen so far has said the battery life is better than any other smartphone to come recently to market…..

    RIM can’t just come up with that power to make it more efficient than other devices

    • Yeah that is the really odd thing about the 9800. It has a smaller battery only 1300mAh yet it runs at the same speed as the 9700 which had a larger capacity battery. I think the processor in these devices is actually rated up to 800mhz but RIM underclocks it…

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