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Dictionary Series - Health: addictionCell phones have become a necessity in our lives. There are almost 286 million cell phone users in the USA. That comes out to over 90% of the population in America. That is up from 69% from 5 years ago and up from 38% 10 years ago.

Have you ever ran out of your house for a few minutes and left your cell phone at home? Well once in a while I do and I feel totally naked. There is no privacy these days. The worse part of it, everyone expects to reach you all the time. If you’re trying to reach someone and they don’t answer the first or second time, or god forbid their phone is off we quickly get worried. It’s gotten so crazy especially since a lot of phones have email, that if you don’t answer an email within an hour (sometimes minutes) that other person tries 10 other ways to reach you. Everyone’s cell phone has taken over their lives. Look around and see people talking, emailing, tweeting, facebooking, texting, etc.

The use of non-voice data applications on cell phones has grown dramatically over the past year. Whether your using a BlackBerry, Android or an iPhone, they make applications for anything you can think of. Giving you an all-in-one gadget in the palm of your hand. Princeton Survey Research Associates International conducted a survey on what the average adult uses a cell phone for besides talking.

They came up with the following results:

• 76% Takes pictures

• 72% Sends or receives text messages

• 38% Browses the internet

• 34% Plays games

• 34% Sends or receives e-mail

• 34% Records videos

• 33% Plays music

• 30% Sends or receives instant messages

You can see from these results that using your minutes is not the only reason for a cell phone. I can’t imagine what else we will be using our phones for in the future but i am very excited.

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  1. Interesting. I will say that ever since Twitter came along, I rarely return those ‘just checking in’ phone calls or emails from friends as often as I might have in the past. If someone wants to see how I am, that would be the point of my personal twitter. It has reduced the number of calls I make & texts I send out tremendously.

    And many of us have done the same when it comes time to check our voicemail, as it is much easier to read text. In fact, a lot of will either try to turn or VM boxes off (if we find a way LOL) or just keep it full to force others to text.

  2. I hate to praise the iPhone, but the FaceTime (video call) feature is the future. The 9900 will need this for sure!

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