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Guy moving to New York wants a roomie who doesn’t have an iPhone

TUAW has an interesting post about a guy moving to New York who refuses to have a roomate with Apple products–especially the iPhone.  The guy has a Droid himself and says he just can’t stand the attitude that iPhone owners have.  Mel Martin over at TUAW thinks that Droid owners have an annoying attitude themselves.  I wonder what characteristics would be attributed to a Blackberry using roomate…

What sayeth you Blackberry fans?

via Guy moving to New York wants a roomie who doesn’t have an iPhone.

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  1. Unfortunately this silly little NYO piece has gotten way too much buzz. Obviously the guy’s a complete idiot, douche, or both. Don’t like the iPhone? (1) Don’t live in SoHo. (2) Don’t buy one. (3) STFU.

  2. David, what happened to your last post concerning Mike???? You must have been drunk or high to have posted it….

  3. The guy might be extreme, but I wouldn’t want some low-self-esteem roommate who only feels better talking about his iPhone as if he were Steve Jobs himself all the time either.

  4. I dunno, say you have some Apple obsessed roommate or friend and get sick of it. Now you want to avoid that. Fairly simple…

    I’ve gotten sick of some fanboys just by casual conversation, much alone living with them…

  5. I could probably get along with any one with any device but most people i know with iphones there always like “can you bb do this, can you bb do that” and am usually yes since 3yrs ago lol. that would be annoying.

  6. I think folks with BBs should have less attitude coz they’re always chatting or texting on their phones. Less boasting. *maybe*

  7. BB users have no attitude. We have no need to boast what BBs can do, the world knows. Plus, we’re too busy BBM-ing. And no one can do that except us.

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