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Giveaway: Cube Field Game From Getempower

Ani from Getempower let us know that they have released a fun new game called Cube Field. The game works great on  9700 and very responsive to the trackpad. In this game you must navigate a ship through a field of cubes that approach fast towards you. The goal is to navigate the ship as far as you can, but the game’s pace goes faster the further you go.  The interface is crisp and clean and I have to say it gets very addictive.
The game has a free trial that you can download at this LINK or purchase it for $2.99. The game supports all BlackBerry devices with OS 4.2 and above.

Giveaway: We have 30 free copies to giveaway thanks to Getempower and all you have to do is leave a comment before August 12 letting us know what ideas or features you would like to see on the next version of this game. Good luck.

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  1. Nice game i will be happy to have a copy.

  2. I’d like to see different shapes besides just cubes, or the ability to fly through donut holds in large cubes. I’d also like a copy

  3. This game looks really fun! I’d love to play it! May I please have a copy?

  4. It will be great to have a copy, but i can’t help you, because i didn’t have any previous version. Thanks

  5. Looks fun. Sure like a copy. Cheers.

  6. I would like a free copy. 🙂

  7. Would love to have it!

  8. Would love a free copy.. 🙂

  9. I would like it to have a sensitivity adjustment for the speed at which it scrolls right/left. I find it a bit fast to control – I end up “warping” across only to hit cubes that seem to appear out of nowhere. Otherwise it’s fun!

  10. Count me in for a copy (:

  11. Sounds great! would love to have it on my bold 9700!! thanks alot Getempower and BerryReview for such contest 🙂

  12. This Cube Field Games can relax my brain from busy work, so I really need this one

  13. Hope it has more colors to choice.

    Would like have a free copy! Thanks!

  14. Hope it has more colors to choose. Would like have a free copy! Thanks!

  15. Looks like an interesting game! Wanna try! 😀

  16. I would like to play this game!!!!

  17. Hi,

    My first thought was about different shapes, but that was already mentioned.

    Perhaps you could provide an option to move the ship left and right on the screen, _or_ skip the ship in the center and move the cubes on the screen.

    Of course, the ship could be able to collect “gems” to get bonus points, it could fire different bullets to destroy the cubes…

    I’d love a free copy also 🙂


  18. Sounds fun, I’d like a copy please

  19. sounds cool
    count me in

  20. for the next release u should add accelerometer support for the storm
    i would love a free copy storm verison

  21. One more for my game addiction for my 9700 😀 thanks a lot 🙂

  22. Power ups for shooting the cubes or clearing the screen would add some fun to the game! 😀

  23. Love to win a copy of this

  24. Hope to win

  25. I would love a copy for my 9700.

  26. Hope I have luck an I win the App!
    Nice Weekend

  27. We need a nice game for our bbs!

  28. Would be nice to try this – is it compatible with my 9100?

  29. i want to win.

    Best Regards!

  30. Love a copy! I like the idea of different shapes.

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