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Review & Giveaway: iSkin Vibes For BB 9700

main Review: iSkin Vibes For BlackBerry – 9700

Price: $34.99


Package: The sample I was sent for review included one iSkin Vibe for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, along with a user guide an LCD cleaning wipe with an antiglare LCD protective film.

Bodyguard: The iskin protective bodyguard comes in sleek bright colors depending on the color you choose even the black color has a glossy look to it. The iSkin Vibe comes fairly close to the Otterbox commuter series when it comes to durability and sturdy feel to it. It is nothing like the cheap silicon skins you can purchase by the dozens but one drop and you may have a damaged BB. The Vibe’s bodyguard has a strong feel to it and at the same time a nice smooth feel to it.

Convenience Access Buttons: The Bodyguard wraps around the BB all around to protect those vulnerable parts that usually get damaged when it is dropped. The convenience access buttons are all covered but they have a added buttons to the bodyguard to fit the BB buttons making it easy to use.

Install: To install the bodyguard the first few times it may seem a little bit hard since the bodyguard is firm yet lightweight. To place your BlackBerry inside the easiest way is to place the bottom part of the BB in, then push it in  one of the top corners first then the last.

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Pros: The iSkin Vibes is a light bodyguard for your BlackBerry and they offer quite a few different colors. One of the major advantage is that it offers great protection against bumps and it will not fall out. The Bodyguard snuggles the BB all around so that it stays on even if is dropped. They antiglare also offers some protection for the screen against scratches. You get all of that without adding much bulk to the device and you can sport your favorite color with a loud presence. You are sure to get attention from people wanting to look at your BB.

Cons: The only problem I had was the headphone jack is covered with a plug and is a bit hard to remove sometimes.

Overall the iSkin vibes are stylish and don’t compromise protection, they offer a strong cover that is light weight and made out of a durable material resistant to shocks. I like the way it feels and is easy to type. If you are looking for a stylish yet light weight protective case for the BlackBerry check out the iSkin Vibes at this link.

Giveaway: Note that this Giveaway is only for USA & Canada residents. The folks over at iSkin wanted to share their product with some of our readers. They have offered 2 Vibes for the Bold 9700 and 2 for the 85xx series.

Instructions: Leave us a comment below include your BB model number for a chance to win. The comments must be left before Monday August 9.

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  1. Would love one for my AT&T Bold 9700!

  2. My wife would love one of these with her white 9700 to keep it all shiny…hopefully I could get one! Lol

  3. Count me in

  4. very nice, i have t-mobile 9700

  5. Verizon 9650

  6. I’d love one for my 9700! great contest, great site!

  7. these look really slick! sign me up for one for my 8530! thanks!

  8. I would love to have one for my bold 9700 to afford it some cool looking protection.

  9. One for an ATT 9700 please. Thanks

  10. the colors on these skins are awesome BB9700

  11. I’d like some rubber for my 9700! Keep it safe like I keep myself save from unwanted “dusts” 😀

  12. Would love to grab this for my BlackBerry 9700 it looks & sounds like a good product!

  13. Just bought a new bold 2 (9700) but no case. Have been looking for a slick case to protect it. This looks like it might be the best looking one out there. It would be super cool to win one.

  14. BLACKBERRY 9700! Looks a lot better than my one month old out of shape silicon case I bought off of eBay!!!!

  15. I would love to get a red one for my wife’s Bold 9700. It would make a great anniversary present!

  16. One for my T-mo 9700 please!

  17. Awesome give away. I have one for my 8900 (bought it) I would really love to win one for my 9700.

  18. This would be great for my wifes 9700.

  19. Would love one for my 9700.

  20. 9700 user… Would really like one of these

  21. I’d love one for my Bold 9650! Its not bulky and looks cool!

  22. Oh, I’d love one of these in red or purple for my Curve 8530! My husband gave me an OtterBox Defender and I HATE it! Its too bulky and I never use it! I only put it on when he is around because I don’t want to carry that bulky thing around and I know he will be very angry if I don’t use it.

  23. Well, if this will protect my 9700, while still letting it fit into the stock Holster, I want one!
    I currently use the OtterBox Impact rubber skin. It was only $10, but is so bulky, I had to buy an ugly belt holster made for an older smartphone. And, it does not allow my BB to sleep.


  24. I have a 9700 and it is sweet but the 9800 looks sweeter that will be my next bb. BB for life.

  25. Would love one for my wife’s 9700!

  26. I’d love one for my 9700!

  27. Definitely need one for my 9700 🙂

  28. Storm2 please.

  29. can i please win one for my 9700… its soo naked…. thank you

  30. Love to get one for my 9700.. the cheapo eBay skin is not holding up well..

  31. I definitely need this for my 9700………………i wont be upgrading anytime soon, so a new color and style will make my day!!!

    Thank you so much!


  32. I would love this to protect my new bold 9700 after my beloved 9000 died on me and won’t turn back on ☹. But loving the bold 9700 ☺.

  33. I would love one for my 9700… I have the black Otterbox but its not girly

  34. Would love to win one for my daughter’s 8520.

  35. Would be a great complement to my already amazing Bold 9700

  36. I would love this for my Bold 9700

  37. One for an T-Mobile 9700 please. Thanks

  38. Awesome giveaway. I own an otterbox. Would be sweet to win one for my wifes curve 8530 in purple. Fingers crossed!

  39. can i please have one for my bold 9700 with soon to be os 6.0 bold 9700 🙂

  40. These look like a huge improvement over my generic silicone case. Would look great on my new 8530 due to arrive in the next couple of days.

  41. I would love one for my son who has a 9700 and turning 18 this month. Would be an awesome B-day present. I have one and it’s great.

  42. Bold 9700. This along with OS6 would complete my BB!

  43. The colors are beautiful! I would love to have one for my 9700

  44. I stumbled upon this review as I was looking for a case for my BB Bold 9700. So please count me in!

  45. Yes please!!! I want one for my old Blackberry curve 8520.

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