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Android Overtakes BlackBerrys In US Consumer Sales This Quarter?

duckinacircle I am really starting to get a bad feeling about all of these reports. The latest comes from NPD which claims that Android has taken over top billing with the largest smartphone sales in this quarter. Here are the numbers:

  • For the first time since Q4 2007 RIM is no longer the top selling smartphone in the US
  • Android accounted for 33% of smartphone sales compared to 28% for RIM and 22% for Apple
  • Verizon Wireless has maintained its lead among top carriers for the last three quarters comprising a third (33 percent) of the units sold in the U.S. mobile phone market in Q2, followed by AT&T (25 percent), Sprint (12 percent), and T-Mobile (11 percent). In Q2 Verizon Wireless continued their buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offers on all smartphones, including both RIM and Android mode

You can check out the report straight from NPD but keep in mind the small italicized disclaimer at the bottom:

Data Note: The information in this press release is from Mobile Phone Track – NPD’s consumer tracking of U.S. consumers, aged 18 and older, who reported purchasing a mobile phone. NPD does not track corporate/enterprise mobile phone purchases.

In other words NPD is not tracking RIM’s largest customer base… I wonder what the numbers would say if they did.

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  1. Not surprising with X manufacturers cranking out multiple android devices. If you have 5+ manufacturers cranking out consumer based devices they are going to beat out Apple and RIM…

  2. I already know 4 Verizon Blackberry customers and 1 T-Mobile Blackberry customer who switched to Android devices. IMHO this coming holiday season will be RIM’s last chance to stem the tide of users defecting to Android devices and the iPhone. BB OS 6 looks really nice. They just need to come out with devices with better specs to go along with it or we’re going to see their consumer market share start to drop dramatically.

    RIM has no excuse for not releasing more new devices more frequently. They are a much larger company than HTC yet HTC constantly releases new Android (and Windows Mobile) phones constantly.

    • Sorry, I will never buy another HTC device, although their quality has probably improved in the last two years. I had four (4) die on my in the space of 11 months and I never dropped the device or exposed it to moisture! I’ve learned my lesson!

      RIM & Apple make great hardware. Motorola is a distant third, but I am not impressed with some of the stuff coming from LG, Samsung, and especially HTC. HTC can pump out more devices because they put less effort in the quality of the devices. Just ask your provider how many returns they get on their smartphones! Just check on the repair records before you buy!

      • You my friend are a BB fanboy. If your story is true, you have the worst luck with phones ever.

        I do not currently own an HTC phone but I have seen almost every model irl and assessed them. You claim of them being poorly made is totally without merit.

        • I had an HTC, and by your own admission, you haven’t. I just want something that works and doesn’t spend weeks in the shop only to be replaced by a refurbished piece of junk… 3 more times! I unfortunately had that experience with HTC, so I wonder why you are telling me that my “claim” is “totally without merit”. This is no claim. It happened, and I was later told the return rate was over 75% on that HTC 6800.

          Again, I encourage everyone to check with their provider regarding which phones have the lowest return rate. If it’s iPhone you like, buy it. With Android, you need to check into the manufacturer’s reputation for quality.

          BTW, I’m not the only one with phone woes. I have a couple of friends with Palm Pre woes and some Android horror stories, but I’m stating my own personal experience.

          • I don’t have to own one to see how it’s made. I’ve personally seen how they are made.

            Again, you may have had unusually bad luck with them, 4 returned ? that is hard to substantiate.

            You honestly think that anyone will believe that any commercially viable company would have a return rate even approaching 75% and keep the product on the market or have any major review to that fact, thats not even logical. The Pre was rumored in a few stories to have a return rate of over 40% but was later revealed that the actual rate was around 11% and the “Fake” data was attributed to individuals that had something to gain by reporting unrealistically fraudulent numbers.

            Your entitled to your opinion, I’m just saying, people are going to cal BS when you sound like you work for Rim or Apple while unrealistically bashing the competition.

  3. Considering that it’s excluding the enterprise customer base, and is *known* to be struggling in the consumer space — Blackberry is doing quite well in second place. (Don’t forget that this means BB is selling to consumers more than iPhone is?)

    I’d be much more worried if they included enterprise sales and were still in second.

  4. Also I seriously don’t want RIM to have every touch screen device be 4.3″ like android tbh… That crap is ridiculous.

  5. We are currently on lotus notes, once we switch to outlook and iphone is supported, I can see most users switching.

    I’m curious to see o.s6, that’s the deal breaker for me.

  6. I’ve been saying for a while that Verizon obviously is favoring Android over BlackBerry and this shows that is paying off for Verizon.

    I do agree with the comment about the upcoming holiday season. If Verizon delays BlackBerry 6 on the 9650 as rumored and if RIM doesn’t do up some devices CDMA-style by then, BlackBerry will be taking a serious back seat a Big Red. Yeah we hear rumors of 93xx and 9670 clamshell and a possible Storm3 but is that enough?

    In reality, if RIM could do up a Bold or Torch in LTE, they would have a great shot at holding customers. But what I’m hearing tells me mostly Android.

  7. I got a Blackberry Storm about 2 yrs ago, when it was billed as the iPhone killer. I stuck with Rim, even though most of the updates right up to the update to OS 5.0 were not enough to catch up to the competition. I waited this past year, until July 15 for RIM to unveil OS 6.0 and to tell us if our old devices could be upgraded. On that date, I received an upgrade offer from Verizon. Knowing that the Droid X was coming out that day, I ordered it, and received it from VZW the next day. Since, I’ve done so much on my Droid X that I could never do on my Storm, from wifi to downloading Amazon Kindle books ( I could never get the app b/c my Storm never had enough room for it and my other Google apps). I’ve also been enjoying Google Navigation with spoken turn by turn directions, Google Places, more games than I know what to do with, and various apps like Photoshop Mobile, free Adobe Reader, Google Translate, Voice to Text and Text to Voice, wifi hotspot, which works great, and so much more. My work account is basically push e-mail, and I really don’t miss the Storm’s handling of e-mail, or SMS/MMS messages. The virtual keyboard is great, especially the aforementioned voice to text, which works on most apps, including chat & SMS/MMS, and finally, Swype, which is so much better to use than touch typing, or even a physical qwerty keyboard. I’m always connected to Facebook (including chat), Twitter, Buzz, Aim, MSN, Qik, Gtalk, podcasts, videocasts and more, including watching movies, without my battery draining much, and actually lasting far more than my Storm ever did. Calendar with Google integration is seamless, as are Contacts, and other Google related services. All in all, I’m very happy with my device, and honestly haven’t looked back at my Storm.

    • How do you find the typing on a non-keyboard phone? I picked up the Captivate and tried their keyboard but the keys are too small. Tried Swipe and that was kinda tough. I guess it’s just something you get used to?

  8. Do you expect anything less? A phone buyer wants a phone that will do what “Other” phones are already doing. Of Rim’s own admission they are stating that the torch is not so innovative and mind blowing, it just does the compulsory “Triple Axle” that has come to be expected of a phone, well. They are totally ignoring the fact that the customer is point blank stating, “I Want More! than a Triple Axle”. Android phones give you a Triple Axle with a double flip, landing on one foot. They do this and they make it look like that is the way it’s supposed to be.
    To top it off Rim then pokes more than half of their customer base in the eye by making the Torch an AT&T exclusive phone.

    Like I said previously, they need to catch up fast, or this will be considered their “Shark Jump”.

  9. @feragola:
    Regarding not believing the guy who went through so many HTC phones, I’m on my SIXTH Storm 9530 and my FOURTH Tour 9630. I’m hard on phones and I’m very intolerant of even the slightest hardware “issue”. Now, you can imply people are lying in comments but hey, everyone has a bad experience with a device now and then, and we shouldn’t discount someone just because their experience doesn’t jibe with ours.

    • There is a big difference between being “hard” on a phone and the phone just being made poorly like joe257 claims ALL HTC phones are.

      When you make a blanket statement like, all phones made by HTC suck or that they reduce their quality in order to pump out more phones, you have to expect to receive criticism. When you also make a statement that 75% of a company’s product has been returned, you have to expect to be called on an obvious falsehood. I’m not flat out calling the guy a liar, but there is nothing to support his claim. He may have read this somewhere, I don’t know but when you assert your knowledge over a product and throw numbers out, you own your own statements so my comment is very appropriate.

      Keeping inline with the original topic of this article, the Android phones would not be capturing a majority of the market if they “Sucked” and had a 75% return rate. joe257 makes a few comments that are his opinion, but he is portraying his opinion as a fact, which it is obviously not that is all I’m saying. Fact is, They are, and that would imply, unless people don’t mind carrying phones that suck for whatever reason, the phones really can’t possibly suck that much, can they.

      People seem to stray from the topic which is simply that Rim is losing market share to companies that are selling better phones at this point in time. I have been a BB owner for the last ten years. Every member of my household owns a BlackBerry and there would be nothing that I would like to see more than Rim releasing an “Android / iPhone Killer”. Sadly, the Torch is not that phone and companies like HTC are selling phones with the features that people want more than what BlackBerry has to offer at this point and the data in the market share reflects that.

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