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BlackBerry 6 Coming to The Bold 9700, Bold 9650, and Pearl 3G

I didn’t notice that there was some additional good and bad news attached to RIMs announcement of BlackBerry 6. RIM has specifically called out that the BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Bold 9650, and BlackBerry Pearl 3G will all be getting OS 6.0 “subject to carrier certification restriction in the months ahead.” That loosely translates into many leaks of the OS until AT&T and Verizon finally certify them.

This is really confusing since this really does not break down on the same 256mb vs 512mb we were thinking. It looks like no SureType devices are getting BlackBerry 6 and trackball devices are out too. Why is the BlackBerry Storm2 and the 8500 off this list? Who knows. I can think that maybe there is no trackball support which is why the Tour 9630 was left out but hopefully the BlackBerry 9300 will be getting the 6.0 treatment.

So what do you think of these details? Are you pissed that your device is not getting BlackBerry 6? Or are you happy that your 9700 is going to make the cut?

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  1. It’s basically confirmation of nothing other than the fact that the 9700 is getting it.

    It still does not state that devices like the 8530/8520 are NOT getting OS6.

  2. Clearly RIM is targeting BlackBerry 6 only at “new” devices. And throwing up a big middle finger at anyone with a device launched any more than a couple months ago. Its too bad, really, as its clearly now not solely a lack of RAM that prevents a device from getting BlackBerry 6 goodness. We know RIM generates upwards of 85+% of their revenue on hardware sales, so much as we owners of older devices might wish BlackBerry 6 is clearly only targeted at devices that will generate device sales. 🙁

    Too bad. Neither Apple nor Google are cutting off their past buyers this badly. Even the original Droid is getting Froyo and iPhone 3G and 3GS got iOS 4 upgrades.

    • The 9700 didn’t launch anywhere close to a few months ago…

      • Also saying that RIM is only targeting OS6 for devices that generate sales counters your argument.

        The curve series generally generate more sales than all of the high end devices.

    • Actually, it has to do with the size of the OS. OS6 takes about 245 MB of the flash memory. that leave only around 11MB for apps and such for devices that have 256 MB of flash memory. Check out’s hands on review. Toward the end of the video, the reviewer shows the new process viewer and memory viewer.

    • Android did because the G1 isn’t getting it and thats the true original Android phone

      • I am a new black berry user! Is a blackberry with a track ball a pretty good phone?? what is a pretty good blackberry phone for personal use???

        • Yes the trackball BlackBerry is still good I still use an 8310 and does the job for email and all that. If you do upgrade though get one with a trackpad the user experience is great. The new 9800 should be a great upgrade if your carrier does have it but overall the BlackBerry is reliable. Only thing with the trackball if you use it with your hands dirty then it will build up gunk and have to clean it or replace it.

  3. … So the 9000 doesn’t make the cut? Lame lame lame.

  4. I can’t say I blame RIM for not giving Storm 2 users BlackBerry 6. It makes sense. In some ways I do wish they gave them the webkit browser though… even just the browser would be a HUGE improvement to the Storm 2.

  5. Also if carriers were knocking down the doors to have OS6 on devices like the 8520/8530/9300, I guarantee RIM would do it.

    So odds are carriers will have just as much to do with what gets OS6 as RIM does (if not more)…

  6. I have a question. What happened to 8900???

  7. All the phones are less then 1 year old, have 3G, trackpad and at least 256MB of memory.

  8. Jacked that the 9700 is getting 6.OHHHHHHH!!!!! Even though I’m still gonna snatch me up the 9800 when that shit drops! 9700 with 6.0 as my back-up phone?!?! Hells yes, studly. <—only to myself, which is all that really matters!

  9. I think the trackball is fine, only thing is it gets dirty and has to be replaced every so often. T Mobile gave me them for free, would even install them but I chose to do it my self. Most the BB’s are pretty close to the same thing. If you wanna have like 50 apps make sure you have a phone with 256+ of space, if you take a lot of pics you may wanna make sure it has a flash and a 3.2+ MP camera, the storm you may wanna try it before you buy it, its a lil different then all the other BB. I’m using the 9700 atm and I have an app for all the stuff I need and still have 100MB ish left, I dunno how people run out of memory of the 256MB+ devices lol

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