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Nielsen: Most BlackBerry Users Don’t Want Another BlackBerry?!?

smartphone-switch Not that this is unbelievable but it is still disconcerting. Nielsen released a study showing Android’s growth but hidden in that release is a HUGE wakeup call for RIM. These numbers just go to show that RIM needs to hit one out of the park with BlackBerry 6 and the upcoming devices like the 9800. I am not saying that RIM does not have what it takes but they need to do something quick to turn the tide. Nielsen does not state where they get their numbers from but here are some of the highlights:

  • Only 42% of current BlackBerry users want their next device to be a BlackBerry device
  • 29% of BlackBerry users want an iPhone for their next phone
  • 21% of BlackBerry users want an Android for their next phone

These numbers compare to 89% of iPhone users and 71% of Android users who want their next device to have the same OS. The Nielsen report also shows that while RIM still dominates in operating system market share with 35% they are down from a high of 38% as shown below:


They are also on a downward slope when it comes to acquiring new subscribers with only 33% in the last quarter compared to 45% in Q2 2009.


So what do you make of these numbers? Do you plan on jumping ship from BlackBerry? I personally think that RIM has one last chance to really wow everybody with BlackBerry 6 and I really hope it is a hit. Anybody want to place a friendly bet on how BlackBerry 6 fares?

via Nielsen via GigaOm

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  1. Unfortunately, RIM was too little, too late for me. I have had a BB for almost 3 years starting with the 8130, 8330, 9630, and finally the 9700. First I was an addict, but over the past 6 months, I have become jealous of iphones and androids doing things that I would only dream of on a BlackBerry. Now I can visit 99% of websites, even ones that have flash, wheras on my 9700, I had to fight between the default browser, opera mini, and bolt just to view certain sites. Just got the EVO about 3 weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. Sure there are some things I miss, most notably the keyboard and highly customizable OS, that is, BlackBerry, but if browsing websites, listening to music, and a few emails here is your typical use, BlackBerry doesn’t hold a candle to iOS or Android. It’s been great BlackBerry, I don’t see us ever renewing our flame, I don’t think OS 6.0 even brings RIM up to par with WebOS, iOS, and Android. Godspeed.

  2. As much as I love my Blackberry, I will be switching to Android. I ruled out the iphone out long ago and there is much better choice in phones running Android. The only Blackberry I would consider is the slider, though it doesn’t seem to be coming to my carrier.

  3. Just wait until those 41% get an android or iphone, see how many actually keep it. Ive been a BB user for about 7 years. Gave the Droid Incredible a shot for a weekend and I was aching for my BB back by monday – traded it back in for a Bold.

    They are cool, and the apps are really neat – but nothing holds a candle to the effectiveness of the messaging on a BB. Messaging comes first for me, as I’m sure it will for a good number of those 41% that say they will be converts.

    • Pretty sure you will never see stats on attachment rates, because these types of surveys never follow through…

      But tbh, I’m not going to miss most of the people that leave the BB community if OS6 fails to impress. If anything it will move a large portion of the whiners to a different community, which is a gain in itself.

  4. BB still rules for email & Exchange integration, but it’s simply pathetic for most other things (the only reason I still carry my BB along with my iPhone is for those things). I’ve been carrying a BB since the monochrome days and definitely have no plans for another.

  5. My first crackberry was a 6510 back in ’04 (Nextel). I’ve been a fanboy ever since then, but I do get jealous of the iPhone and Android handhelds on occasion. As an IT consultant, the e-mail integration and the ability to source data connections from my office (I regularly use BBSSH to SSH into customer devices) are huge for me, so I don’t see me changing anytime soon. That said, I doubt I will ever carry a BlackPad, as I have had hands on with the iPad and I’m realy excited to get some hands on with some Android/Win7 tablets.

  6. I’ve been eyeing Android, but I really need a good keyboard for all the emails/messaging I do. I’ll end up getting the Slider when I can upgrade. I had 8 people in my group with BlackBerry’s and now we’re down to 3. All left for Android…

  7. And here I am sitting trying to fix my friends Samsung Captivate Android phone. Can’t even do the simplest thing… And it eats data like no other!

  8. RIM has got to get BlackBerry 6 right and get it out BeFORE the slew of new devices coming later this summer/fall.

    RIM needs to FORCE the carriers like Verizon and ATT to reduce their over burdensome test timeline.

    RIM needs App World 2.0 and their new remote security front and center on the home screen of every BlackBerry 6 device and if a carrier like VZW or ATT balks at that then “no soup for you”.

    All that said, I’m still carrying a Storm and a Tour. Neither the Storm2 or Tour2 (Bold) are compelling enough upgrades to justify the price. If RIM and Verizon don’t get off their asses, if the rumors of Verizon holding off BlackBerry 6 until 2011 are true, my 7 year commitment to BlackBerry is DONE and Droid2 is my next phone.

  9. I had a friend who wanted NOTHING to do with a Blackberry. Though of it as outdated. Went to get the Droid X. 21 days later he returned it and switched to his first Blackberry. Absolutely loves the device. His criteria? Decent battery life. Funny that even with all the bells and whistles people eventually do come back to the simple things. Apple may have battery life kinda down but Andriod certainly doesn’t.

    I also had another friend who got the Droid X but was a 5+ year user of Blackberries. She has also told me she already misses the simplicity of the phone app, calendar and messaging apps, and the overall design (which she never worried about dropping etc)…

    Blackberry unfortunately will alienate its core base if it tries to overhaul things too much. There is a reason I don’t have Andriod or iOS, its because i like the functionality of the Blackberry operating system. OS 6 looks great on paper (updating something that has worked for years and giving it a few important features) and hopefully it delivers when used on a live device.

  10. If os 6 and devices aren’t screwed and services (previous post on bis security) is nt compromised, why nt?

  11. I can tell you that this BlackBerry user will be sticking to BlackBerry. All the other smartphones I’ve had that weren’t BlackBerry were crap!

    HTC Touch – screen would get stuck switch from portrait to landscape
    BlackBerry Pearl – my first BB; upgraded to
    HTC Mogul – all buttons stopped working within a week
    BlackBerry Curve – my second BB; upgraded to
    HTC Hero – lag made the phone suck to use
    BlackBerry Tour – my third BB; swapped
    Droid X – the speakers and mic stopped working after 15 days
    BlackBerry Bold 9650 – my current 🙂

    Let this be a warning!!

    Live Bold, Love Bold

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