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Presidential BlackBerrys Are “No Fun” Says Obama

Presidential BlackBerry Who would have thought that having a presidential BlackBerry would be no fun. From the start of Obama’s tenure he had to fight to keep his BlackBerry instead of a government approved Sectera Edge. They severely hampered his device by only authorizing ten people to email him and practically all of the content on it will be subject to the Presidential Records Act. The view got some really great quotes out of Obama:

I’ve got to admit, it’s no fun because they think that it’s probably going to be subject to the presidential records act, so nobody wants to send me the real juicy stuff,

It’s all very official. ‘Mr. President, you have a meeting coming up and we’d like to brief you.

Kind of sad to hear even the President doesn’t get to have a little fun on his work device. I wonder what games he has on it if any at all or what his high score is in BrickBreaker. 🙂

via Yahoo News

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  1. That’s rad. I’m happy to know he’s a fan of the most addictive electronic since Nintendo (in my opinion.) Although he looks a little to excited to be reading a briefing.. maybe he’s just smirking at the camera that’s constantly on him. 😉

  2. I would pay money to know what Obama’s BrickBreaker score is. Sounds like he’s not able to use his BlackBerry for work, so maybe he’s had some time to improve his high score.

  3. Give the prez an iPhone 4. That will teach him to stop complaining.

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