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Mystery Store Display Showing Up in AT&T Stores for BlackBerry 9800 Launch?

attmonolith Bold 9800 Now here is a real head scratcher. AT&T has been shipping a large monolith display box to many of their stores. Gizmodo got a picture of the display but managers and store workers have no idea what is inside the big black box. They have dubbed it the “Hero” display and Gizmodo is guessing that it is either for the BlackBerry 9800 launch or the Dell Streak.

Out of the two my money is on the BlackBerry 9800 Slider since the Streak is not much of a secret. On the other hand RIM has been trying to channel Steve Jobs with the 9800 launch and all the secrecy. The people in the stores are being threatened with termination if they even joke about looking inside the box.

Anybody want to guess what is inside it?

Hopefully we will find out next week Tuesday at the joint AT&T & RIM event.

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  1. hmmm, remaking the opening to “2001, a Space Oddysey”- there will be a high screeching noise, windows will break and Lindsey Lohan will come out in her Orange Jumpsuit holding a 9800!

  2. I’m guessing it’s a vertical tanning booth that’s part of the whole BlackBerry lifestyle. For the launch, Bono from U2 will hop out with a 9800. Reporters will gasp not at his charcoal tan, but because he manages to make a call even while holding the phone in the grip of most unfortuituous receptivity health consequences (aka, deathgrip).

  3. That would be funny… A deathgrip testing station…

  4. Stupid,, idea,, way to go ,, what ever is inside that box,, you would think to promote the device rather than hiding it from everyone,, customers at the store dont really pay attention to it,, they thinks it’s part of the store decoration…who ever thought of this marketing idea,, is weak,,,

    what ever it is inside that thing,,,sucks anyways,, its part of at&t …poor quality service

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