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Users Now “Very Satisfied” With AT&T? Looks Like It…

ATT-Call-Congestion-ScreenshotThis is a real head scratcher for me. The only reason I still have AT&T is because they tend to get the latest BlackBerry devices before the competition and they are a GSM network so it is easy to switch devices. Their network reliability does not hold a candle to Verizon and even T-Mobile is starting to catch up in terms of features and reliability especially with their UMA service. Since AT&T became the exclusive carrier for the iPhone their network has taken some serious punishment but it looks like users are starting to look kindly at AT&T.

Here are some signs of the changing times:

Are you an AT&T or former AT&T customer? What do you think of AT&T’s service? Is it improving?

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  1. Never have any issues in the Phoenix area. I can tether at 1.7Mbps and I hardly ever drop calls. Can’t beat rollover minutes, and AT&T never disables built-in features like GPS. Take that, Verizon!

  2. Their 3G coverage is non-existant where I live and I’m in a city with 100K people in Wisconsin. I can live w/ that because like Ronen, I love the fact that att gets the new berries 1st, usually.

  3. I’m a long-time AT&T subscriber (since they gobbled up Cingular) and I have no complaints at all here in the Northern Va area.

  4. FOLKS! BlackBerry 6 is here! Yippee!!! Apparently, there is a big announcement being made by RIM & AT&T on August 3rd, so it’s especially good to hear that AT&T customers are now “very satisfied” with their coverage & service.

    I can see RIM announcing the Torch 9800 & Bold 9680 next week! Fabulous news!!!

  5. I have att in detroit. And I hate it. I had verizon for years before hand, but switched when I got offered a free work phone. I think I have dropped more calls in three months than I did in 8 years on verizon. And, if it wasn’t for the fact the 9700 has wifi, data would be pointless. I can’t believe they get aways is the shotty coverage in a place as big as detroit.
    Dear verizon, I miss you…

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