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UAE BlackBerrys Causing “National Security” Issues & “Operating Outside the Law”

surveillance-webcam I really get a kick out of all these countries trying to snoop on BlackBerry email. First we had India sending RIM public ultimatums every few months for the last two years or so. Now the UAE and their Telecommunications Regulator Authority wants in on the fun. They claim that:

certain BlackBerry applications allow people to misuse the service, causing serious social, judicial and national security repercussions.

They are “certain” they will find “a solution that operates within the boundaries of UAE law” which probably means they hope RIM will crack and give them access to all traffic.

So what exactly are these misuses that are causing repercussions? People are using BlackBerry Messenger to share local news. They are also sending emails that the UAE cannot read and censor. On top of that I am sure they are connecting to social networks through RIM’s BIS-B service through BlackBerry apps that the UAE officials cannot proxy and view.

All of this has caused the TCA of the UAE to state that BlackBerry’s are operating "beyond the jurisdiction of national legislation"

Anybody out in the UAE enjoying breaking the law?

via WSJ

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  1. I’m sure if you install the Etisalat Spyware^WUpdate you’re fully legal. 😉

    It does remind me of the situation in Russia though: They won’t allow you to use your own BES and force you to buy one from their telecomms company, apparently for similar reasons.

  2. whats apps, im curious now

  3. Not exactly a laughing matter.
    As reported right here on BerryReview, the lack of interception of BlackBerry traffic helped the terrorists carry out the horrific attacks in Mumbai less than two years ago.
    Nobody likes “big brother” … until big brother rescues you from the bully in the park.

  4. The fact that a terrorist can use the internet or any form of communication being the basis of censorship and invasion of privacy is unacceptable. Americans and the world have given up too many rights, freedoms, and privileges in the name of big brother protecting us.

    There always has been and always will be terrorists, attacks, and large scale murder. Look at history.

    Yet today most people have no spine to say enough is enough. Governments will never be able to stop unwanted communications. We can’t even keep prisoners from having their own cell phones in jail, or in Mexico allowing them to leave prisons to commit a dozen or so murders and return as if nothing happened – with the help of the guards to boot.

    Fear is simply being used to take away rights of privacy, freedom of speech, and civil liberties. Terrorist plots from ancient times to now (having been called different things) won’t be slowed down by taking all private forms of communication away. Screw that. “Give me liberty or give me death.” Our freedoms are worth the price many have died for today and in the past. Don’t let governments take away what has been purchased with so many noble men and women dying for said rights.

  5. Very true hp. However, countries like UAE have very different traditions and in no way do they enjoy the liberties we here in the USA hold so dear and have spilled much blood around the world to protect.

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