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Analyst Claims 4G BlackBerry Triton Coming in December…

Verizon 3G MapI have to say I am not that familiar with Frost & Sullivan but one of their analysts, Samir Sakpal, claims that a 4G BlackBerry (codename Triton) will be coming in December. We have heard rumors that RIM is working on LTE devices but carriers are barely starting to get those networks online let alone releasing devices for them. The usual way this works is that USB modem dongles come first and then smartphones. On the other hand Verizon did claim that they would bring LTE to “One third of America” by the end of the year.

Sakpal claims that this 4G BlackBerry will mimic the iPhone 4 with a front facing camera and a 5MP rear facing camera. He claims that RIM plans to shine with their 4G device now that usage based pricing is taking over since the BlackBerry infrastructure is lean on data usage.

Anybody else excited about a 4G BlackBerry? I am kind of curious what we could do with that kind of speed. On the other hand I do not think my BlackBerry could handle much faster speeds. It already chokes when I try to download large amounts of data through Slacker station caching.

via NationLink via MiBlackBerry

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  1. My ideal phone right now would be a 4G version of the 9800 on Sprint, but Sprint seldom gets the cool phones first. If the specs over on hubpages are accurate (, and if by some strange miracle Sprint gets this phone, I think I will have to replace my Tour. I see no mention of a physical keyboard, and I’m not a big fan of all-touch devices, but Sprint is supposedly going to have 4G in Cincinnati by the end of the year, and beggars can’t be choosers.

  2. A 4G BlackBerry with front-facing camera (for video conferencing) in 2010 will be a great move by RIM to solidify BlackBerry as a leader in the mobile business communications. I hope it is a touchscreen-only device featuring at least a 4.3-inch screen for a gorgeous browsing experience with the fast new webkit browser! Cisco’s Cius is a big larger and will allow for more business collaboration. RIM needs more than just a foot in that door! I’m really, really excited about this! Hopefully it will be HSPA+ not WiMAX based.

  3. I will not get too excited just yet..I will take a wait and see approach because the way RIM is cranking out devices lately, I would not be surprised if it is a storm device with just a different chip to make it 4G. Not surprised at all. Heck they might just call it the storm 4 when it comes out…..a refreshed S3!

  4. Yes I am sure analysts have inside info on this kind of stuff………

    More like he’s taking a stab in the dark, which is basically what analysts do anyways since there is no consequences if they are wrong.

  5. Paul Revere has come an gone too! I have a better chance of seeing Paul Revere coming back to life then Blackberry Storm getting their Sh*t together…I will be switching my service to another carrier if the Storm 3 is not available by the end of September.

    Oh by the way, it won’t be AT&T I’ve been to more BARS then their showing on there Phone…

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