First Look At The BlackBerry 9780

Earlier some information about the BB 9780 was uncover  stating that the device will be OS 6 ready and that is going to be a GSM device. The 9780 is rumored to be a refresher of the 9700 device. Just as soon as we were done digesting the new information Salomondrin the 007 of BB devices released a new image of the unannounced device. The image shows the device running BB 6 and is rumored to be a touch screen but that is not confirmed at this time and it could be just a refresher with more memory. The image also shows the unbranded device with a full black bezel and housing. With the device being a GSM device the likely carrier are AT&T and T-Mobile is the US. So will you hold out out out for this device or buy the soon to be release 9800?

Some specs include

  • 512MB of Ram
  • OS 6
  • 480*360 Screen
  • GSM
  • 802.11 WIFI


salomondrin BlackBerry 9780 outted via UAProf document

Source: salomondrin & Crackberry

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  1. For someone, who purchased the 9700, for full price, in November this is a bit of a kick in the [email protected]… Why is RIMs R&D Dept so short-sighted?

    makes you wonder IF the 9800, which I have been waiting for, is really worth purchasing or holding out for the “9800 Refresh”; which will probably be released a few months later with 1GB RAM and an even better camera…

  2. Wow! They added 256 mgb of RAM and 6.0! We need new devices! Not a refresh of an already awesome device!

    Are they going to add one more feature each year like the IFun? Ugh! I guess I can only look forward to Blackberry Protect and Desktop Manager 6.

    Bold 9650

  3. YAwn…….

    For a brief one year… Consumers were eating up blackberries… now they are ditching them left and right for this garbage.

    RIM should blame itself for creating a simple using OS, that trained an average person how to use a smartphone.. so they could use that knowledge to springboard to Android and or Windows Phone 7.

    I have purchased 8 blackberries over the years… not to mention the ones my wife has had… I won’t be purchasing another one.

    The question is how long will it be before RIM turns into Palm? Instead of HP, will it be Microsoft as the buyer?

  4. BlackBerry. The new Windows Mobile 6.5

  5. That is what I am waiting for. My next bb I plan to buy will be one from MS, when they do buy out RIM because of financial trouble. I mean tha writing on the wall can not be any clearer.

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