New Super Hot ‘WhiteOut’ from Ninja Themes!

This new follow-up theme release to Ninja Theme’s ever popular BlackOut theme is aptly called WhiteOut. Whereas BlackOut was all blacks and darkness, WhiteOut is all light and goodness. I tested the 9700 version and it runs super fast and looks extremely hot on my BlackBerry. With a slot for your weather app, and icons that are easy to read WhiteOut offers a very clean, fresh style.


Whiteout is the sexiest white-styled theme you’ll find! Elegant white backgrounds with slick icons and a dock that hides to show off your favorite wallpaper and a weather slot too! “white out” a white 9700 in style. Also includes a “hidden” today feature. For Blackberry devices with os 5.0 only.


  • Custom icons, banners and notifications
  • Hidden dock – 0 to hide, z to unhide dock
  • 8 icons on homescreen – 7 on bottom dock + 1 weather slot (first icon on appscreen)
  • “Hidden” Today feature
  • No lag!

WhiteOut regularly costs $2.99 but is on sale for $1.99 at the moment. Available for the devices listed in the screen shot above, I highly recommend this theme if it’s your style. Cause it works incredibly well (as do all Ninja’s themes) and is definitely ‘sexeh’.

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  1. Is this a joke. Almost every day there is a theme review from you about ninja. He’s good but there’s nothing new or extremely hot about these themes he put out every other day. There are so many other themers out and we keep seeing his stuff flooded here.

  2. For your information, I usually write up reviews to themers that submit to me. Ninja Themes is, IMO, one of the better thene designers but its hardly every day that I do a post on his themes. Maybe once a week or every other. I also do frequent posts on BB-freaks themes and some others as they are submitted. I write up honest reviews but they are my opinions only. You’re not required to agree but you should know that as a rule, if a themer submits a theme I usually do a review. I try to be fair though I’m not perfect. If you have a theme you think I should review, by all means send it in. [email protected]

  3. Some themers put out themes quite frequently, ninja themes happens to be one of them. But every other day? Not hardly, drama queen. Vicky is nice enough to do reviews for all theme submissions so if you have a problem with that, don’t read the damned reviews? We do themes because we enjoy putting hard work into our themes, and they’re very functional, and if one person doesn’t like it, it doesn’t matter. I suggest you get your own website and do your own theme reviews, or shut the hell up and stop whining about BR’s.

  4. Vicky pls don’t listen to these ppl who knock your reviews. I happen to love ninja’s themes and don’t think you overdo reviews on them at all. They’re top notch and really well priced. Better than many crappy themes out there that cost a lot more. I don’t think you’re favoring anyone, you just know a good theme when you see one.

  5. Well ninja themes is reviewed frequently on here but I see the same thing on crackberry. Same themers reviewed again and again. It seems these theme designers, like ninja and bbfreaks often do giveaways so maybe reviewers feel somewhat obligated. It is nice that theme designers give away freebies of their themes cause there’s a lot out there that don’t.

  6. Not for the Bold 9650? Bummer 🙁

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