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NetworkAcc Mobile Network Accelerator Free – Today Only

networkacc I am always ragging on all of the supposed “Network Accelerators” and “Memory Booster” apps that are out there for BlackBerry. Usually I recommend staying far away especially since they usually have absurdly high price tags. After speaking with quite a few developers and some friends at RIM I have concluded there is nothing a developer could even do to improve network optimization using an app. For today only I kind of changed my mind and decided to mention one.

Handango is offering the NetworkAcc Mobile Network Accelerator app free for today only. This means that all of the people who think that a network accelerator actually works can download the app totally free. In case you are curious to see if it does anything you can download the app free and see for yourself. Keep in mind there is a reason that RIM doesn’t just pony up and buy the technology behind these network accelerators. (Hint: because they use “magic” :))

To get the free copy of NetworkAcc you need to head to this page on Handango’s website. You can then add the app to your cart and use coupon code FAF723 to get it for free. Don’t forget to remove the Handango extortion fee download protection option or you will get charged $4.99 for it.

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  1. Obviously it widens the tunnels so that more data can flow through the pipes…

  2. NetworkAcc Mobile Network Accelerator Free – Today Only

    this item is asking for register key? am i missing something ? as i thought product was free?

    • It is free; However they do provide a reg key. Should have gotten it from the confirmation email you received after check out.

      • I got the email confirmation, however, the reg key section was blank….. meaning I dont need it. what do you think i should do/ anyway how i can obtain this key?

  3. i got the email, but not the app o_O

  4. How strange……. what have you done about it? ( HAVE YOU CONTACT C/SERVICE) Remember you till midnight?????

  5. I’m SO SILLY ( I must write this down 1000000 times lol)

    You must make sure you type your full Blackberry pin!!!!!!! on the Handango Site..

  6. It works. The app makes browsing faster in my onyx.

  7. Had to see it to believe it but I have to admit there is a noticeable performance improvement.

  8. agree! outstanding…………….

  9. Seriously? You actually think it works? I installed it a few months ago and it actually slowed down data transfer speeds in speed tests

  10. Piece of sh** app imho. Robbing people with promises of a faster blackberry in a way that does not make sense because of the way blackberry infrastructure to device communications work.

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