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Updated: BerryReview Articles & BerryReview Store Now Have QR Codes

BR QR CodeUPDATE: If you are having trouble reading barcodes with BlackBerry Messenger’s “Scan Group Barcode” option please try one of these free barcode scanners we have mentioned before:

We have been working on this one for awhile now but it looks like Mobihand joined us at the same time. They have implemented QR codes on all of the applications in the BerryReview Store. This means you can now just use the QR code to open the link from your BlackBerry.

At the same time we have also added QR codes to practically every page on We are currently working on optimizing them but you can easily use them to open a link from your BlackBerry. Say you are reading an article and need to head out you can just snap a picture using BlackBerry Messenger’s built in barcode scanner and it will open in your BlackBerry browser. You can find all of the QR codes in the right hand sidebar. In case you don’t know they look like the image above.

Let us know what you think and if you run into any issues!

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  1. So how would someone use the QR Code of a particular post? And are they only scan-able within BBM?

  2. Sweet!

  3. This is a good move. Many think that QR Codes are mainly for print. They are, but any display medium can use these codes as a portal to a mobile experience — hopefully one that rewards the user for showing up. Warbasse Design (http://www.warbasse recently did a QR Code campaign for HBO, where the code was displayed on the TV screen. When scanned, the code took the user to previews for the upcoming ‘Trueblood’ series.

  4. Thanks guys. I think they are just a super easy way to open a link on your BlackBerry

  5. no idea how to make this thing work. The only thing I can do is hit the Menu key from the BBM main screen and choose “Scan a Group Barcode”. This fires up a version of the camera with no controls whatsoever. I point the camera at the QR code and it dumbly sits there without focusing or anything. I tried adjusting the distance to no avail. I assume the Group Barcode is not the same as the QR code? No buttons do anything during the scan except the hangup or backup buttons which return me to the menu. I do not see any QR code scanning options in any other menus in BBM.


    • Invite Contact – Scan a Person’s Barcode

      Same disappointing result.

      Curve 8330.

      • After performing a google image search for QR codes I found that roughly 1/3 of the QR codes I scanned worked just fine. And by just fine, I mean they would immediately scan from any angle and at greatly varying distances even with other QR codes crowding the screen. This leads me to believe that several QR codes are not properly formatted including the one posted here at BerryReview, although, I can offer no explanation as to why they seem to work with everyone else’s devices.

        • So I played around with the code I wrote and changed it to start using shortlinks. The thing is that the longer the URL is the more complex the QR code is with smaller bits. That means the scanner needs to work harder with error correction to get the right address.
          Right now it should work 100% on all single article pages and the homepage.
          I am working out something with for the pages like the theme directory.

  6. Using BBM – Invite Contact worked for me when scanning QR Codes. I’m using a 9700.

  7. Nice, using the BBM’s scan barcode worked for me as well.

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