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A Third of US Planes Are Now WiFi Enabled

gogo-wifi-blackberry4Back in November of 2009 I did a review of GoGo’s In Flight WiFi service and I was very impressed. So impressed that I gave it a 10/10 rating. It truly made a 6 hour flight that much more bearable. Matt Hamblen of CIO is reporting that now a full 1/3rd of planes flying in the US are WiFi enabled which is awesome. That means that when you get on a plane there is a 1/3rd chance you will have WiFi as an option.

I wish that the percentage was closer to 100% but hopefully airlines will tell you when you book if WiFi is an option. Prices are still a bit high in the $13-15 range per flight but its well worth it if the alternative is boredom. I just wish more airlines also offered power plugs along with WiFi. My MacBook only survives about 4 hours on battery but Hamblen reports that providers are hoping that will be solved by devices with longer battery life. It looks like only new planes will be getting regular power plugs per seat.

What do you think about WiFi on planes? Have you ever used it? If so what did you think of the experience?

If you are curious to learn more about WiFi adoption by airlines I recommend reading Matt’s full article on

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  1. I think WiFi is great on planes. Like you I just wish it wasn’t so crazy expensive.

    That said, I hope all the various implementations block VOIP apps. Can you imagine being stuck in a tiny airplane seat with nowhere else to go, next to some dude on a several hour conference call? Ugh.

  2. Its crazy last time I was on a plane T-Mobiles uma worked!

  3. WiFi is perhaps useful on long flights, but I’d rather just relax and watch a movie or listen to some music. I’m not paying mega $$$ to check my personal or business mail. Sometimes it is nice to be disconnected so you can catch some Zzzzz!!!

    Regarding sitting next to a dude on a VoIP call for 4 hours?!? This would really irk me! Planes are tight and crowded so I hope he or she realizes that some people want & need some downtime — show some respect to those around you.

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