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Rumor: BlackBerry 9800 Coming to AT&T on August 15th?!?

BlacKBerry6 This latest rumor coming from VentureBeat really has me excited. According to them John Albright of the BlackBerry Partners Fund mentioned that the BlackBerry 9800 is coming to AT&T on August 15th while he was speaking at the paidContent Mobile Conference.

VentureBeat afterwards confirmed that the new device he was talking about was the 9800 based on the features and that thousands of developers already have the phone. That makes me wonder why we have not seen more leaks thus far but maybe RIM is taking a play out of Apple’s book and keeping things on lock down.

Looks like RIM was not kidding with their new hashtag #BB6iscoming.

What do you think? Are you psyched that the 9800 would come in August? That is only a few weeks away!!! I know I can’t wait to see what RIM has with BlackBerry 6 at launch.

Thanks to Rory for sending this one in!

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  1. So what this probably means is that the “alliance partner” developers (an increasingly expensive privilege) may already have 9800 devices, yet the rest of us don’t even get so much as an SDK or simulator. Argh!

  2. Can’t wait for news that rogers will carry it and when

  3. RIM needs to stick to that date! The Driod 2 is coming Aug 12th from most sources (including Engadget), and with Froyo (Android 2.2) it will look light-years ahead of what BlackBerry OS has today. Motorola will sell millions of those as Froyo is fast, cheap, and feature laden. Apple is selling millions of iPhone 4s, and the iPhone 4 ad campaign is converting many business over to Apple.

    The competition is very fierce and they’re not just looking to co-exist with RIM, they want total market domination in the consumer & business sectors. RIM needs to bite back — fast & swiftly. RIM’s BlackBerry marketing strategy in recent months is designed to keep their customer base while preparing strong new products that can challenge the competition. Their very existence is at stake, but then so is almost everyone in this hotly contested market segment.

    Nokia is seeing the demise of Symbian, and perhaps HP may resurrect webOS, but these are dying. Microsoft is pushing Windows Mobile 7 but it is a hard sell in a market crowded by Androids, iPhones, and BlackBerrys.

    So, where does RIM go from here?

    1. Maintain the BlackBerry as the premium business device. Notice I said “device”. We need to get away from the “phone” paradigm. I use my BlackBerry much more for data than as a phone. RIM needs to enable collaboration tools as Cisco is now doing with Cius. Tele & video conferencing with a BlackBerry will work for those who telecommute as well as for those who are constantly on the road. This is a must have in the next iteration of BlackBerrys — but RIM must act fast or lose more customers to the competition who are enabled to support this today!

    2. Improve BlackBerry’s social networking and exploring tools. The consumer market will welcome such tight integration of tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, with GPS, compass & maps, and video communications!

    3. Better leverage RIM NOCs to provide additional services to customers such as they do with BBM. I don’t think anyone task syncing well, but this is essential, as is syncing of calendars, contacts, files, etc. Being able to utilize RIM’s compression technologies and other optimizations with those and other tools would distinguish & benefit BlackBerry users. Think collaboration!!! University students working together on projects, employees across the planet jointly developing plans for new products, friends sharing new experiences and ideas… This is huge, and with their NOCs, RIM is already poised to provide such an experience for BlackBerry users!

    4. Ensure that BlackBerry is the most secure and stable (reliable) platform out there. Android will always be on the bleeding edge, but they will not be as stable or dependable for business. Apple will always try to dazzle the consumer at the expense of something else (usually, the security of the device!). Smartphones are the new playground for malware, and those who take security lightly will pay very dearly in the future! Talk to anyone who has had their identity stolen — you just don’t walk away from it. Identity theft will skyrocket in years to come as the smartphone is used for storing personal information & passwords, commercial transactions, etc.

    What is the achilles heel of the iPhone? Poor security, too much focus on UI experience rather than back-end app security, too tightly integrated to Apple’s way of doing things (i.e., must use iTunes), less of an understanding of what businesses want & they cannot be everything to everyone.

    What is the achilles heel of Andriod? Little app UI standardization, wide-open system architecture with less concern for security, less stable and reliable, less of a “vision” for the product as a whole since individual developers have a lot more control, too many varieties of devices to support with different screen sizes, hardware features, buttons, etc.

    So I’m sticking with BlackBerry and hoping RIM will keep releasing great products. I don’t expect them to leap frog Android or Apple, but they need to be in the race pushing and reaching for the tape!

  4. I’m really excited with this new realese from RIM, I just hope it reaches Mexico in no time so I can get my hands on it, and I hope is everything we are hopping for.

  5. I’m using 8900 and I love the keyboard. Now, the 9800 will have the cool Bold’s keyboard the touch screen of the Storm, fast CPU, more memory, and a Webkit powered browser. It’s a lethal combination and quite enticing indeed.
    RIM, be smart and 6.0 OS on this device!

  6. Cmon Sprint… my upgrade will be available soon (not that I have that much hope in Sprint + touchscreen BB’s).

  7. And nobody bothered to ask about the 9100 (Pearl 3G), and when is it supposed to finally see a U.S. carrier (besides Cincinnati Bell)?

  8. Is this phone really coming out, cos i’ve just bought the 9700!

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