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Review: Seidio Innocell 2700mAh Extended Life Battery

IMG_1627 Review: Seidio Innocell 2700mAh Extended Life Battery
Cost: $67.95 @ the BerryReview Store

Seidio’s Innocell 2700mAh extended battery has been on the market for awhile not but I finally decided to try it out because my original battery is not holding a full charge. Since BBM 5.0 added groups along with other always on apps like Twitter my BlackBerry is just barely squeaking by every day on the OEM battery. So I decided to give Seidio’s 2700mAh which supposedly almost doubles your battery life of the original battery.

IMG_1633 IMG_1628 IMG_1639

My take on the Innocell extended battery is kind of like Double Mint Gum. Double the battery size, Double the battery life. It is essentially two BlackBerry batteries in one. It doubles your battery life while doubling the size and weight. So if you can live with another 3-4mm of thickness on your BlackBerry 9700 and a few ounces of weight then it is well worth it. My only gripe is that it did not fit well inside the holster that comes with the 9700. Seidio pushes their own plastic holster but I have not had a chance to try it. My interim solution has been just to use a BlackBerry Bold 9650 holster since those are a bit bigger and I stretched out the elastic to fit.

IMG_1635 IMG_1637

You can check out all the images to get an idea of how the Innocell looks on a 9700. I have fond that instead of having 5-15% battery life at the end of the day I know have about 55-65% which is nice. It used to be that I would have to ration my BlackBerry use if I planned on staying out late to make sure I would have enough juice to call a cab if necessary. Now I no longer need to. 🙂

9700 Holser Extended Battery9650 Holster Extended Battery 


  • Great battery life
  • Nice battery door locks in tight
  • Charges overnight
  • Comes with soft touch extended battery door


  • Relatively high price
  • Does not fit into holster

Let me know if you have found another solution for getting through the day with your BlackBerry! BTW at first I originally had an issue with my first battery door that was a bit loose. Once I switched to the Seidio cover that comes with this battery it was back to being a nice snug fit. I really need to stop playing with the back cover…

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  1. Is that battery from Sears? That thing is huge; I would be embarrassed to have that in my front pant pocket. I would have to wear a belt plus suspenders.
    Just have an extra charger at work.

  2. Awesome Review Ronen! I love to read your Reviews and the other BerryReview editors. Funny I didn’t used to ever image an extended (fatty) battery on my BlackBerry Smartphones. But now I’ve sort of adjusted my thinking. I just bought a new stock battery since my last was hitting 109 degrees and just not juicing anymore, however I think I may have jumped to soon and might want to look into extended since I’m also always pushing the update button in some Twitter Client… really is hogging the phones. I must say it does get old to hear people complain that such and such app is using too much power. It’s us, the BB Junkies we are the cause not one app at all. 😉

  3. I have this battery since last 4 months and its awesome! I see only Pros and No Cons. And btw for those who feel this battery is huge, its NOT at all. It instead is really sleek and i don’t find it odd at all! For me its 10 on 10.


  4. I’ve always like seidio extended battery on all my BB, 9000, 9630, 9530, 9550.

  5. Yeah I loved the battery but it was just too big to fit in a holster properly. Now that I am back to a regular battery my device feels super small. 🙂

  6. I use Seidio’s 3500 battery in my 9000 for probably a year and I love it. The extra bulk actually provides a better grip. But I can’t use it with my 9000 case. It will fit in my 8800 case that seems to stretch where my 9000 case won’t.

  7. I use the Seidio Innocell 2600mAh Extended Life Battery in my Bold 9650, along with their Spring Lock Holster — a great combo. I was extremely pleased with both until I noticed that one of the top tabs on the battery door (custom door to fit the extended battery) snapped off. I considered this a bit strange considering that 1) it is less than two months old and 2) I do not routinely remove the cover (typically, I use the keyboard sequence to reboot the device). When I called Seidio customer service, it was not just a simple process to send me a replacement — I now need to “wait one or two days” for the the RMA department to contact me via e-mail (i.e., the RMA department does not take calls from customers). Additionally, the CSR could not tell me that they would cross-ship a replacement before receiving the defective cover back from me. I asked what I was supposed to do in the interim — her suggestion was 1) to use my stock battery and cover or 2) purchase a new cover ($14.95 plus a minimum of $5.90 shipping)! What a racket (not to mention a total lack of customer service for a repeat customer)! BUYER BEWARE as it appears that service after the sale is lacking.

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