BlackBerry DevCon Session Catalog Tells Some Secrets

DevCon logo While browsing through the DevCon 2010 Session Catalog we mentioned I ran into a few items that I had never seen before. I thought they deserved their own post.

  • COM03: WebKit Apps & BlackBerry OS 6
    • Thumbplay’s experience in building an HTML5 version of its music app, taking advantage of the WebKit capabilities of BlackBerry Browser in OS v6
  • DEV13: New Mapping Tools in BlackBerry 6
    • With the release of BlackBerry® 6, developers have access to a whole a new set of mapping tools and APIs that helps you create compelling applications with a mapping component. This session will show developers the new features of the platform and how to use BlackBerry® Maps. Sample code is included.
  • COM25: Power up Your (Super) App with the Google App Engine
    • The Google™ App Engine makes it easy to build an application that runs reliably, even under a heavy load, with large amounts of data. This session focuses on using the Google App Engine as a vital part of overall application architecture. Topics include how heavy business logic can be moved off the smartphone and onto the server resulting in a slim and light application. Other subjects include creating compelling user experiences with clean, sleek and responsive user interfaces.

  • DEV28: BlackBerry 6 – New UI, New Possibilities
    • This session is an ideal way to get an overview of new user interface features in BlackBerry® 6 smartphones. We’ll look at new UI components such as the Model View Controller (MVC). Presenters will cover the new fields, adaptable screen layouts, commands in menus and toolbars, and interaction models. Look for insight into the smaller components of BlackBerry 6, such as ScrollView, ProgressIndicator, Panes, Capabilities, Toolbar, AbsoluteFieldManager and StringProvider.
  • COM20: Reading (and Writing) Barcodes in a BlackBerry Application
    • Mobile barcode scanning has been around for a long time, but these days this capability is considered highly desirable in application development. Both 1-dimension and 2-dimension barcode formats are well known. But integrating the acquisition and decoding aspects of barcodes in an application can create challenges. Attend this session for an overview of barcodes on BlackBerry® applications, how they are typically used today, and how to decode/encode barcodes natively in applications

Let me know if you spotted any other interesting sessions!

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