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BlackBerry Storm 3 Spotted in Training Slide – Mobile Hotspot Feature!

It was just a few weeks ago that I was ranting about RIM ever adding Wi-Fi tethering. Engadget snagged a slide from a BlackBerry Storm 3 training deck showing off the upcoming devices feature in all its blurriness.

bb-storm3-mobile-hotspotThe device is getting a refresh of its guts with:

  • BlackBerry 6
  • Webkit Browser
  • 512MB with SD card support up to 32GB
  • 5MP camera with updated UI
  • World Edition
  • Wi-Fi 802.11n
  • 3G Mobile Hotspot (Coming soon!!!)

That last little tidbit is what really caught my eye. RIM really needs to add mobile hotspot functionality to stay in the game and it looks like they have realized that. Hopefully “Coming Soon” means next month? I truly hope that Mobile Hotspot functionality is coming native to all BlackBerry 6 devices.

Engadget also pointed out that if you strain your eyes on this slide you will notice that the last line shows an "___ember" month release date. Things are looking good for RIM this upcoming holiday season! Anybody else excited?

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  1. They also need to add a better camera!
    Droid X is at 8mp and a whole lot better than bb’s

  2. How about a front mounted camera like the iPhone. Others may shrug this off, but all over TV they are really pushing the “videophone” capability and it does seem appealing.

  3. Well, “ember” would seem to directly contradict last weeks rumor of no CDMA BlackBerry 6 until next year eh?

    But a possible Storm 3 before the holidays? Hot damn! You KNOW how I LOVE this Storm… 🙁

  4. If the Storm3 doesn’t have at least a 1GHz processor and 480 x 800 pixel screen I’ll be extremely disappointed. A 5 megapixel camera is ok but it should be at least 8 megapixels in order to be competitive. If RIM wants to compete with the touch screen Android devices from HTC, Motorola and Samsung, they’d better start making devices with better specs. RIM should ask themselves why did Verizon customers get so excited about the Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Incredible and the Motorola Droid X before they were released. It’s because the specs were very impressive when they were announced. When the Motorola Droid came out in Nov 2009 it had better specs than the iPhone 3Gs (which was the current iPhone at that time) and all the available Blackberries. The HTC Droid Incredible and Motorola Droid X are even better which both have 1 GHz processors and 8 megapixel cameras. RIM is losing the mindshare of consumers and that is already translating into a loss of marketshare.

  5. Why not be in e front of the league, with support for sdxc?

  6. I’m excited just to talk about an upcoming Storm, but I do have to support Sam K’s comments: it’s got to have at least a 1 GHz processor, a 800×480 screen, an 8 MP cam, and two videocams at the minimum to be competitive and not to be obsolete in 12 months! After all, this is due for release later this year, but the competition have been selling devices with similar specs for well over 9 months already!

    RIM, please don’t just give us an “Odin Refresh”, as the slide says. We don’t want just another incremental upgrade. We want something that will capture our imagination — something that will tell the world that RIM is not content to just stay with the pack, but to take the lead. A BlackBerry should be a world class-leading device, not yesterday’s technology!

    Mobile Hotspot support is intriguing! I like the idea of supporting WiFi browsing. I keep saying this, but RIM needs to allow BlackBerry to install apps in device memory rather than in RAM! In doing so, 512 MB RAM would be acceptable. However, if app need to be installed in RAM and operated in RAM, 512 MB RAM is likely not going to be enough.

  7. Could it be Sept-ember

  8. Isn’t it “convenient” that we only got the “___ember” part from the leaked slide!?! RIM must have been behind this one 🙂 I’m sure some execs at RIM are chuckling right now while we’re straining our eyes to look for that extra letter before “___ember”!

    I liked Terence T’s idea of integrating SDXC!!! Yes, yes, yes! The iPhone has 64 GB — SDXC will give the new Storm that same capacity and more in the future!

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