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BlackBerry Spyware Gets Even More Sophisticated With TrackWary Pro

surveillance-webcamI am always amazed when a new BlackBerry spying app comes out that monitors even more of what a user does on their BlackBerry. I actually ran into somebody who swore by such software saying it was necessary to monitor their kids usage. I am curious what you guys all think.

This latest version of TrackWary PRO BlackBerry Spy from MobileZenith is intended to spy on employees, children and cheating spouses. The new version monitors all photos, SMS/BBM messages, emails and calls which are tracked and logged. The software even allows you to listen to calls and room conversations. Creepy right?

The app also allows for GPS location tracking, Call Logging, Email and Message forwarding and Media file forwarding. They even added some features that let you turn the BlackBerry into a remote listening device and even listen in on live calls. The app promises to be totally discrete erasing all evidence of its outgoing data being sent and even hiding its existence on the phone. You can even send a remote uninstall/shutdown command to the app to make it disappear.

The TrackWary PRO Feature List includes:

  • Remotely listens to the surroundings of the phone – ideal for couriers, police or taxi/limo dispatchers
  • Full GPS location tracking shown on maps (even if the phone does not support GPS)
  • Completely hidden.
  • Forwards all incoming and outgoing emails to your email.
  • Sends an email containing all new media files to you.
  • Software can be installed on multiple BlackBerry devices – deal for enterprise monitoring.
  • Complete tracking of everything done on the BlackBerry device.
  • Full remote control of the BlackBerry device.
  • Complete insight into everything that happens on the BlackBerry device.

If this is something you are interested in you can pick up one of their super expensive plan options at I am curious to know how somebody would justify using such an application.

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  1. Scary yeah. Doesn’t appear it can be remote push installed…yet?

    I can see some uber-paranoid government or corporate IT types installing this sort of thing before handing out phones though. Sora like the PA school that put spyware/monitorware on the laptops they gave out to kids. Scary. And we are way past 1984…

  2. Way too obtrusive for corporate types, begging for a lawsuit. Being able to monitor messaging, browsing, call log is enough, thanks.

  3. Not only scary but also appears to be illegal, a lot of this would fall under wiretap laws. If you are monitoring someone’s calls or listening in, tracking them without their consent you can find yourself in quite a bit of legal trouble.

  4. This is not illegal at all actually. You can monitor your children all day long.
    You can monitor your employees if it is on a company phone as well.

  5. I bought the program but it’s not as good as it says as far as the listening goes. I have never been able to hear a conversation and I have been able to call and hear the surroundings but now for some reason he can see that it’s activatied and knows if i call in.

  6. I purchased an enterprise license for this application for my business and have installed it on all company blackberrys and find it works pretty amazing for tracking my company phones. And yes this is perfectly legal to install on company equipment. With the GPS tracking I can track all of our trucks not to mention any misuse of company equipment. I’ve also used it many times for remote listening without any issues or detection.

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