Blackberry Bold 9650 & CaseMate ID Wallet Case

Blackberry Bold 9650

The Blackberry Bold 9650 is the slickest most full featured Blackberry I have tested on Sprint. Although it is only an incremental upgrade from the Blackberry Tour, the new features are definitely enough to make the Bold 9650 stand out from the Sprint lineup.

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New features:

  • Wifi: With data caps on most services in place or coming, having WiFi on a smartphone is becoming more and more important to avoid overcharges. Sprint right now has data caps on it’s 3G service (I think), so WiFi is definitely a welcome addition. Also, WiFi just helps insure that indoor dead spots stay alive through the magic of the Internet.
  • Dual mode CDMA and GSM: Sprint isn’t known for GSM, which makes it difficult to use Sprint phones abroad. With dual mode CDMA and GSM, the Blackberry Bold 9650 is the easiest Sprint Blackberry to use on vacation.
  • Double the memory of the Tour at 512 MB RAM: We all know what more RAM means–faster performance. For the most part, the 9650 is zippy and smooth.
  • Optical trackpad: Like most new Blackberries nowadays, the Bold 9650 sports an optical trackpad. I for one like the optical trackpads over the trackball, they feel more sophisticated and refined and are equally responsive.

Simply the beat Blackberry phone currently on Sprint.

CaseMate ID Case

The CaseMate ID case feels a lot more refined than the SmrtCase glide wallet case we covered earlier. Wallet phone cases really are a brilliant contraption. Now I barely carry around my “other” wallet, because my credit card, subway card and ID are all on me with my Blackberry. Now, onto the CaseMate ID…

  • Three cards slide in easily.
  • To remove a card from the case, the user must first inch the card out from the bottom opening and then pull the card the rest of the way out from the top. It is definitely a workable process, although at times the card removal process  feels less smooth than the thumb sliding SmrtCase.

Price: $29.99 at CaseMate

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