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Where is the BlackBerry OS 6 Developer SDK?

Stressed out So far RIM has been telling us that BlackBerry OS 6 is still set and expected to release this summer. They even confirmed it again when their recently released second BlackBerry 6 preview video. So this has me wondering. Where are the development resources for BlackBerry 6? Back in April rumor had it that the OS 6 SDK would be released in the first half of 2010. The first half of 2010 has come and gone and still no BlackBerry 6 SDK in sight…

I truly hope RIM is on the ball with this one and lets developers create and update their applications for BlackBerry 6 before devices ship. This is something that Apple and Google do very well with their mobile platform. They even encourage developers to create and update their applications so that they can showcase them at the OS launch.

RIM has  quite a bit riding on a successful BlackBerry 6 launch so I am hoping that a BlackBerry 6 SDK release is right around the corner. They must realize already that apps are a huge differentiator in the mobile space and developers need to be given their tools in a timely manner. Not 3 months after a OS is released like RIM has done in the past. This is especially important when you consider that some BlackBerry apps take 3 months to develop.

Anybody want to place a gentleman bet on when the BlackBerry OS 6 SDK is released? My current bet is October 31st… 🙂

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  1. That’s pretty late…

  2. When was the last time a JDE was released after a new OS was in market on a device????

  3. I hate to see this, and I hate to say it, but to this just shows how totally disconnected is RIM from market into which they hope to successfully launch BlackBerry 6. RIM’s delays are shooting themselves in the foot.

  4. oh wait, my prediction? Can’t even guess, though one would HOPE and PRAY that the SDK is launched for DevCon next week.

  5. It’s so odd. As a lovely BlackBerry developer you can’t even wait any longer. So on the launch you will only find apps by bigs brands e.g. EA or so. :S

  6. I hope they dont release the SDK the same time as OS6 release. Developers should have a beta version by now.

  7. Yeah, this is VERY disheartening. It pains me to see RIM dropping the ball time and time again. It baffles me how RIM, still the current leader in smartphones (in terms of marketshare), hasn’t been able to learn from the other players in the game. They built their lead (again, marketshare) based on a time when e-mail was king and 3rd party applications were nothing to care about. If it weren’t for government agencies and businesses that demand a BES solution, RIM would probably be defunct.

  8. It pains me to see RIM dropping the ball time and time again.

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