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More Rumors of a BlackBerry Tablet Surface

Huge BlackBerry Once there was a magical BlackBerry tablet that took over the world… Sorry got lost there for a second. In case you missed the first round of rumors we have heard that RIM is working on a tablet to compete with the Apple iPad. First it was supposed to be Android based but then RIM scrapped Android for BlackBerry 6 and supposedly turned it into a useless companion device that was/is unlikely to succeed.

So now that you are all caught up the latest rumor comes from Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Rodman & Renshaw. He claims that a BlackBerry tablet might ship before year end unlike the previous rumors that had it pushed into 2011. He also claims that it will have a 1Ghz Marvel processor along with a 7 inch screen and dual cameras for video conferencing.

So is anybody else excited about a bigger badder BlackBerry Storm? We could call it the BlackBerry Storminator… 🙂

PS: Sorry for the over the top sarcasm, it has been one of those days

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  1. A BB tablet may not be that bad honestly. I mean after that video of the webkit browser in action, and that was on a slower processor, it may not be that bad. Now, I am not sure if I would want one that is “3G” enabled at a higher price as long as it is tetherable to my main BB.

  2. I am a little disappointed by your post in reference to the Blackberry Tablet rumor. This rumor was posted days ago, and just last night another site posted a update to the rumor that a “peron close to Rim” acknowledged that The Tablet is legit, and will most likely have an 8.9 inch screen…Check Betanews July 12th,2010.

  3. Wow! The sarcasm…! Apple essentially has two iPads — with & without 3G. A “companion” BlackBerry Tablet has some merit in that it will allow those with an existing BlackBerry to tether instead of buying an additional 3G data plan. However, the device needs to be able to live on its own for those /wo BlackBerry smartphones or those who need or want a separate data plan. A “companion-only” device would be a huge oversight on RIM’s part!

    An Android BlackBerry Tablet would be a acknowledgement by RIM that their OS is not as flexible as Android, and RIM will have to support Android and Android apps. Such a move will destabilize confidence in the BlackBerry OS. A BlackBerry Tablet will need its own version of the BlackBerry OS (to take advantage of additional hardware, larger display, etc.) but must have backwards compatibility with the existing OS. A 7-inch screen size would be ideal, but I think RIM should have 5-inch BlackBerrys as well for those who want a pocket solution!

  4. Hi guys the sarcasm mostly comes from the fact that I don’t see much benefit from tablets in general. I know that the millions who have bought iPads disagree with me but they are essentially a big iPhone/iPod Touch. Is anybody clamoring for a bigger Storm or Storm2? Also keep in mind that the market for smartphones is in the hundreds of millions while tablets are currently a much smaller market.

    There are a bunch of rumors floating around and they are all over the place. Contradicting each other left and right and so far all we know is that RIM is considering entering the tablet space. Other than that I don’t even think RIM has made up their mind on what they want to do.

    The other thing RIM needs to keep in mind is that Cisco is already working on a business tablet:
    Which means RIM will not be the first to enter both the consumer or the business tablet market. I totally understand RIM not supporting Android but they are barely competing with their touchscreen smartphone while their QWERTY devices are doing quite well. I think they would be better served focusing on the much larger smartphone market instead of entering yet another market.

    • It won’t hurt to try Ronen besides, they have made every single phone design from QWERTY, touch, QWERTY and touch, flip, flop (the clam shell design…lol) sure type with lots of colors and options.
      What do they have to lose? I’d say nothing…:D

    • You raise a few issues. First, tablets are great low-end laptop replacements. Great for students, ebook readers, and as an Internet appliance at home (sorry, PCs take too long to boot and you can’t move from room to room with them). I think there is a market for tablets. It’s just a pity that Apple is the only one who has made it a reality thus far.

      Secondly, browsing the Internet is an experience in itself. Just look at how simple and with relative ease it is to use the iPad to visit Facebook, plan trips with Google Maps, research stuff on the ‘net. I’d buy an iPad if it wasn’t so closed; i.e., no USB support, no upgradable RAM, and I have to use the crappy iTunes interface for everything.

      While I like my Storm with OS 5.0, it is still too small to fully experience & appreciate the Internet… and it needs a webkit browser. A 5-inch and/or 7-inch device would be great. It’s just too bad that both Opera and Bolt have decided to ditch SurePress support so these browsers are awkward to use. I constantly find myself selecting stuff when I simply want to scroll about the screen.

      Finally, RIM’s QWERTY devices will soon start losing out to touchscreen devices. There is still a market for them, but it is diminishing as touchscreens are more intuitive and offer more screen space to browse the ‘net. As data rates increase, people will want a lot more than just their email. RIM needs to start pushing the Storm line with a lot more devices — one per year is not enough! I personally want a Dell Streak type of BlackBerry device with 5-inch screen, 800×600 display, 1.6 GHz processor, 2 video cams, 64 GB RAM (with two microSD cards!). Call it a Storm 4, if you like, but I want it in January of 2011 when my current Storm will be retired!

      If Cisco is pushing a business tablet, RIM should have a response; on the other hand, perhaps you’re right about the larger 7-inch or 9-inch tablets. Perhaps RIM might want to avoid moving there if it will slow down development of their smartphones and BlackBerry OS. However, a 5-incher would just be a larger device that is still considered primarily a phone! RIM needs to keep pushing the smartphone and morphing it into an even more capable device. Video conferencing & video chatting will be huge in the next year or two as data rates continue increase while prices fall.

      RIM needs to stop supporting three lines of hard keyboard & small screen smartphones: Bold, Curve, Pearl. They need to start embracing the new wave of smartphones, those with large touchscreens that people can use with Facebook, Twitter, etc. If I can use those web apps natively, I don’t need specific apps for my device! Instead of having or hoping for custom apps, use the web cloud!

      • I can see tablets of the future being low end laptop replacements but currently they are super closed and don’t really allow for much functionality that you could not perform with a netbook for $250. Especially considering the fact that a netbook also has a 8-10 hour battery and can do SOOOO much more for the 2-3 pounds extra you are carrying. This is especially true for work devices that need to support network applications like enterprise vault, sharepoint, etc…

        I can see RIM making a really slick tablet that is for browsing the internet but I don’t really see them taking over the market. If anything they compliment and RIM could hit one out of the park but imagine how annoying it will be to have to develop J2ME applications for large screen devices. We would have less apps than the BlackBerry barely has already…

      • Joe257 said

        “RIM needs to start pushing the Storm line with a lot more devices — one per year is not enough! I personally want a Dell Streak type of BlackBerry device with 5-inch screen, 800×600 display, 1.6 GHz processor, 2 video cams, 64 GB RAM (with two microSD cards!). Call it a Storm 4, if you like, but I want it in January of 2011 when my current Storm will be retired!”

        I couldn’t agree more. I bought a Streak as I couldn’t see RIM coming out with anything in the imminent future.

  5. Me personally, I see NO USE for a tablet as a “companion device” to some BlackBerry smartphone. Without it’s own full BlackBerry capability, there won’t be much real market for such a thing.

    • Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to call someone from a tablet instead of a phone?
      lol, that’ll be the day…the biggest talking device in history…hahahaha

  6. RIM does not need to stop coming out with multiple types of smartphones. Fact is that they serve every conceivable market. The entry level with the pearl and the curve, the business market with the bold and the social media market with the storm and the torch.

    What would benefit RIM are carriers that know how to match people to the phone that will do what they need.

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