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Free iCaller Location Translates Area Code to City

icaller Location WAAAAAY back in 2007 there was a free application that I loved called Berry-A-Code that translated the area code of an incoming call into the city name. That app stopped being updated years ago but Otoniel over @PocketBerry spotted a worthy successor. iSoftwareLabs has released iCaller Location which is a free app that converts the incoming caller ID area code into the city name.

It will even go one better and help you map a callers location on BlackBerry Maps which is pretty cool. The app is pretty simple and the tie in with BlackBerry maps is sweet. I have had a chance to try it recently and I find it to be a sort of ghetto caller ID “lite.” Now I wont have to keep on guessing where area code 713 is… 🙂

You can find the free iCaller Location app in the store at this link

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  1. I really love the idea. Will test it out, but at 4.0MB thats tough to swallow.

  2. I miss Berry-A-Code & I hope this works just as well. I only hope the developer puts this app on a diet because 4MB is a lot!

  3. Ronen, there was a reason why Berry-A-Code had to stop. The same reason with our CallerInfo app.

    Not sure if iCaller developer know about the patent issue. hope they have an agreement with the patent holder.

  4. very nice app, if only was it less then 4 mb….

  5. 713, that’s here in Houston.
    317 would be Indianapolis….
    I’ll definitely check this app out, this is a very very helpful feature besides Poynt which can tell you more about the caller’s carrier or so.

  6. wanted to download it until i found out its size…i guess i’ll stick to poynt for now.

  7. Based on the screenshot it looks like the caller’s name is replaced with the city name. Am I wrong?

  8. @BlackBerry_Junkie
    Assuming the persons name isn’t in your address book, it will show the city name instead.
    If they are in your address book, then caller id will appear as normal.

  9. I tried it, I’ll stick with Berry A Code…

  10. As with all apps of this nature, I think it should be made clear that this will probably not work on CDMA networks (Verizon & Sprint) because they cannot do data at the same time as talk (as Luke Wilson has told us).

    If Sprint ever releases a 4G BlackBerry (haven’t heard anything about that at all) then in theory it would work in 4G coverage since it is not on the CDMA network.

    • I have Verizon (Storm 2 9550) and it works fine.

      • My mistake. My statement about CDMA still stands. But this app must keep a local database on hand. And why not? It’s probably not that big and it won’t change very often so there’s not much gained by making it server-side.

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