KidSentinel Subscription-Free Child Cellphone Usage Monitoring App

kidsentinel There are quite a few monitoring/spyware solutions out there that let you keep tabs on what a child or spouse is doing on their BlackBerry. The problem with most of these solutions is that they are costly subscription based solutions that have a monthly or yearly fee. TeleBEEM is changing that by offering KidSentinel as a one time app with no subscription. It is not a cheep app even on sale for $29.99 until July 31st but (reg $49.99) but relative to the competition it is a deal.

The KidSentinel app allows you to keep track of your child’s cellphone usage including: incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, emails, and MMS. It also keeps track of changes to the phones calendar and phone book along with tracking pictures taken with the phone.

The way KidSentinel avoids a subscription is that the tracking information is compiled and emailed to you on a regular bases (daily or every 2 hours). The app is also relatively tamper proof with a password locking it. The only feature I see missing is the ability to get a location or track location though that might be a bit creepy.

Still what do you think of such a solution? Would you install it on your kids BlackBerry?

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