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Tell Us What Email Habits Annoy You!

Anger I am a big fan of LifeHacker so when a friend pointed out one of their latest articles about “The Worst Email Habits and Annoyances You Should Avoid” I had to mention it. There are certain things that truly annoy me when I get emails but I find it most annoying when people attach images like logo’s to every email. I don’t mind if they are hosted images in an HTML email but when they are attached to the email they just take up space and make every email from that person look like an attachment.

So I thought I would ask. What email habits annoy you?

LifeHacker’s list includes:

  • “Sent from my” in signatures
  • Disclaimers & reminders
  • “Thanks” and “cheers”
  • Needless, Nagging Euphemisms

What dos you list include?

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  1. When its a company wide email, don’t hit reply to all!!!! Please I don’t need 50 emails congratulating one person.

  2. I hate the “company logo” as an attachment and the “sent from my xxxxx device on xxxx network”. Also the 2 seperate emails you get when you buy something on appworld.

  3. I include “sent from my” sigs specifically because it is rather important that my recipient knows I am not behind a desk. In my line of work it is actually pertinent.

  4. People that have advertisements at the end of their email. Hotmail!!! Argggghh!!!

  5. 1. Morons who Reply-All to a huge list to ask one person some stupid question.
    2. The meaningless disclaimer tags at the end.
    3. ALL CAPS.
    4. People who Reply-All when they were only on BCC from me (thus “outing” me). 🙁

    from my BlackBerry Storm…

  6. Blank subject lines…

  7. Messages that are just longer than necessary. Despite Twitter, etc., the art of being concise is practiced by few.

  8. The people that forward jokes, etc with endless other forwarded address at the top of the message. This is amplified when reading on a mobile device and you have to scroll for 3 minutes to actually get to read the message.

    Not to mention a spam scrappers dream… Providing many valid email address to the spamers.

  9. Blank subject lines are annoying. But what I find more annoying is when people put the entire body in the subject line and the body is blank.
    Like SUBJECT: Hey, I wanted to know what you were doing tonight.
    Besides for being annoying, it’s not good practice because it is more likely to be blocked by SPAM filters that way.

  10. Another one that is kind of the opposite of what most other people complain about:
    We have a problem in our company where people don’t Reply-To-All when clearly, everyone on the email needs to see the response. It got so bad that I had to write Outlook VB scripts to modify the Reply-To Address so that even if they only hit Reply, it will go to everyone.

    Another one I have to contend with is leaving out the original email from the body.

  11. In the realm of family emails: A huge slew of full-res photos really gets my goat.
    Yes, your kid is cute. I only need about 1024×768 to see that. I am not planning on printing a poster of your silly pictures so just downsize them, will ya?

  12. My biggest annoyances are GETTING EMAILS IN ALL CAPS AND RIDICULOUS PUNCTUATION?!?!?!!?!?! and getting an email with a blank body but the Subject is 3 sentences. I generally reply to those two using the same formatting, just to show them how annoying it is :-p

  13. When people use a previous email to start a new conversation, leaving the history and subject line intact from the previous conversation when the new conversation is not in any way related to the previous.

  14. More annoying than anything anybody has mentioned thus far, are people who can’t spell or punctuate correctly. It appears as if the ability to spell and punctuate has gone out the window in the last 10 years, and certain types of technology are largely to blame. On that note Ronen, “logos” is a plural, and does NOT have an apostrophe!!!

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