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UPDATE: MMMOOO Offers Free Homescreen Weather Plus Lite

weather plus lite UPDATE: It looks like MMMOOO is running a sketchy promotion here where they require you to rate their application a 5 to enter a contest to win a free license. Sorry for the confusion but they clearly misrepresented the deal.

Putting the weather on your homescreen has become a hot fad and I really hope RIM finds a way to incorporate it natively in OS 6. Until then MMMOOO has us covered with Weather Plus and BBSites noticed that they are giving away free copies of the full version of the app from what I can tell. All you have to do is just email them after installing it.

Weather Plus Lite lets you put weather info on both your homescreen and on an icon and does not need a weather slot in the theme. They support multiple cities and it automatically updates the weather in the background.

Check it out in the store at this link

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  1. I downloaded the weather app and its not letting me register it. I did the thing where it sends then my pin#. And nothing. I have an icon and when I hit the icon it let’s me see the weather. But the weather is not showing on the homescreen. What did I do wrong? And I the only one with this problem.

  2. I’m also waiting patiently to have a unlock code sent to me! What’s the point in downloading a “free application” when I don’t have unlock code!

  3. Sorry guys nothing I can do to speed it up. Did you try emailing them? Maybe at [email protected]

  4. Same here!!!

  5. So what do we do?

  6. An alternative is to download their free Wallpaper Shifter in App World:
    but that does not include the feeds and live webcams… Let me have somebody look into it.

  7. I emailed to the emailed 2 times and nothing! Poor customer service on there partb

  8. Well I guess we just have to sit tight in our seats. And just wait for Adminis. Help Please!!!!! Lol

  9. The email address bounces back…it’s no good, either…

  10. Hi, all,

    Please following the instruction in the product page. And send email to us to unlock it.

    Thank you!

  11. I got an email from MMMOOO,
    You have to enter to WIN its not FREE that just sucks!!!

    Dear customer,Thanks for contacting us.You may comment 5 stars for this app in Mobihand to win the full license free without
    payment. is it? 
    –Customer service

  12. This application was falsely advertised! I did as it states in the post! I received a email from the company to rate the product at Mobihand & I would be entered in drawing to be eligible for free copies of the premium weather lite application! Why has it been falsely advertised! I feel cheated & mislead!

  13. That’s exactly what I got. Its not even worth it. Please Admis, I don’t mean to nag. I am a devoted fan of your website. But this really stinks. Getting a email at 1am is not cool. I understand they are on the other side of the world. But this was a headache. They want Us the customer to give them 5 stars on a application which we haven’t even used. Does that make Sense?? I think not. So they get the thumbs down. Not Admis. You guys always look out for us. But this was a Headache. And I’m pretty sure there are a lot of members that feel the same way. Have a goodnight guys.

  14. I agree with you. Its not fair. I did exactly what they wanted me to do. I also feel bummed out. I was really looking forward to using this. I was so sure about this app, I deleted my old app. Now that stinks. Had to redownload my old one. And do the whole set up again. We the members at least should get an apology. Not fair at all.

  15. I agree. I received the same email. I wonder what is going on

  16. Oh. Forgot mention, on the webstore:
    FREE in a limited time Write an email to us to unlock it with your PIN.
    Welcome your GREAT comment to help us improving the GREAT app.

    Hmm.. Should have read. Admin, whilst its free, premium version isn’t free at the moment it seems.

  17. Hey Ronen I just received another email, stating that they have my pin # and I went back into the app. Did the register thing again. And it worked. So I’m not sure if everyone else got the second email. But be patient. Have a goodnight again for the 2nd time.

  18. I just got the email from them:
    Dear customer,
    Thanks for your support!
    Your PIN # is in our database.
    Now you can get thru the registration.
    We expect you to leave a 5 stars comment once again for this customization service 🙂
    The No.1 theme provider at App World:‪
    –Customer service

    I got it after giving the rating..

  19. Here’s a copy of the email I got from them:

    Dear customer,
    Thanks for contacting us.
    You may comment 5 stars for this app in Mobihand to win the full license free without payment.
    how is it?


    Well I don’t want the app that bad, I already have Berry Weather which gives me wallpaper weather. I’m just a weather app junkie, like to try them all out. This however has prompted me to just delete the app. Isn’t this a form of blackmail? I hope the Mobihand store doesn’t allow this unethical practice.

  20. nice idea but the icon is too tiny!!!

  21. i say we all rate it a 1 star on the mobihand website and tell everyon how much that company and app blow

  22. Sorry guys this is really kind of sketchy on MMMOOO’s part. We were not told that the free app was contingent on a good review. I guess that got lost in translation… Not sure if we should just take the post down but that might cause more confusion.

  23. Here is what I sent:


    I feel slightly manipulated, as the advertisment said “send us an email to get the app unlocked”.

    I cannot, nor will comment 5 stars for an application that I have not been able to use.
    However, I will make sure that the blackberry community is informed about your manipulative strategy.

    This is the reply I got:

    Hi there,
    Even you don’t register this app, you can use the most features of it.
    This Lite version is totally free.
    But full version is commercial.
    So we now offer a chance to unlock this for free.
    Only you need to do is comment 5 stars in mobihand 🙂

    Uninstall completed

  24. Now i bought this app Ive sent them 4 emails and no response their customer service sucks and the app doesnt even do what they say its supposed to plus it wont even let me register the product that I paid for, what was the point to get ripped off I say 0 stars and two thumbs down.

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