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FAQ: How Long Does The Red LED Light Blink For Messages

LED indicator option This is definitely not the most groundbreaking FAQ but it was something I was always interested to know. For years RIM has offered the option to make the LED light blink red when you have unread messages or missed phone calls. I was always curious how long that LED light would remain red since after a while it turns back to green even with pending unread messages.

Turns out that the light stays red for 15 minutes give or take. That is coming straight from RIM so it should be solid. So that is one feature I have finally gotten to the bottom of do you have any you have been curious about? Let us know and we will try to get to the bottom of it!

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  1. Green? Awwww…. you have the “LED Coverage indicator” enabled…

    How many of you actually use the “LED Coverage indicator”? WHY? 🙂

  2. You’re just NOW figuring his out R? After all your years with a BlackBerry? Wow…

    And LED coverage indicator on? I thought that was something most BlackBerry users turned off after no longer than the first week (most likely first day)! But I guess I can see the utility in the urban jungle of Manhattan.

    from my BlackBerry Storm…

  3. I never knew how long it blinked for. I leave my device on the table when I am home and leave it on silent since my wife would bug out if it buzzed every 2 minutes. The only way I know if I got a message is a red blinking light but sometimes I would miss the light because it would automagically turn off at some predetermined time which I never knew.
    Now I know to check it every 15 minutes or so!

  4. Its a feature that frustrated me when I moved to BlackBerry. My old dumbphone would blink for a missed call forever (until I acknowledged the miss) and I really wish RIM OS gave us option to blink forever on missed calls without having to use some 3rd party LED app.

    Glad you found this out though!

    From my BlackBerry Tour…

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