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Phantom Caller ID… Do You Have This Issue?

incoming-call Over the last few months I have been noticing something strange on my BlackBerry Bold 9700. Every once in awhile when I get a call it will show the caller ID of my previous call for a split second before it switches to the actual incoming call. It bugs the hell out of me and quite a few times I have answered the phone thinking it was the wrong person.

At first I thought it was an OS issue so I tried upgrading. No luck. I then mentioned it to the rest of the team and Todd & Nate mentioned that they have been experiencing the same glitch.

Now I am curious to see who else is running into this issue I have dubbed as Phantom caller ID. Have you experienced phantom caller ID? Let us know what device/OS you are running and if you managed to fix the issue!

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  1. I have noticed the same issue and it is definitely very disconcerting.

    • I got the same problem. I switched Off the Device(Full) took out the Battery for few Seconds, placed it and switched on it works fine now

  2. How about downgrading?

  3. Yeah, I’m getting that on my 9630. Been happening since I got past

    Issues like this, the Web Browser, lack of hardware innovation and of any descent software (ie games, Facebook) all are making me to loose faith in BlackBerry…

    • I totally agree. For the past few months I’ve been keeping my eyes out for other phones. Blackberry has very few apps, and the good ones are EXPENSIVE. I used to use Beejive and now it’s just HORRIBLE. Tons TONS of errors. So for some things that BB did well, they’re starting to drop. The only thing keeping me to BB right now is BBM and battery life. All the while I’m scouting devices that are 2x as powerful, and 1/3 thinner. My 9700 is the best BB I’ve ever had, but it’s SOOO outdated. Browsing HURTS.

  4. I have been having the same issues as well. Very annoying.

  5. And I thought I was the only one! Had it on my Verizon Tour running .591; have it on my Verizon Bold 9630 running .732. Never found a solution!

  6. Are all of you on a BES and running an Encrypted device? I was thinking mine was having the issue because our BES does log calls so perhaps its just lagging behind.

  7. I’m on BIS w/ no encryption for what it’s worth.

  8. Hum. Just crappy software then…

  9. On Rogers with an unlocked 9700. The wrong caller ID did happen a few OS’s ago for me. I has been fine since .656 for me.

  10. Verizon Tour 9630

    Mine has been doing for a while only after upgrading to OS 5.0 it is very annoying.

  11. I have not had a problem with my 9630 on Sprint in the Central New York area. – have been running most of the latest OS’s along with hybrids also I have installed from and upgrade and from a clean install as-well.

  12. See other report it. Never, seen it myself on my 9700 (.743)

  13. yes I have the same issue big time

  14. am running storm with .713 dont get the phantom id on incoming just on outgoing calls when i place a call it shows the last person i called caller id info for about 10 seconds

  15. I get this. Sometimes, not all the time. Alltel Tour running

  16. BlackBerry 9650 happens every so often. Very annoying, but now that I know others are having the same problem I feel a little better ( is that a personality flaw?)

  17. Yes, I thought it was just me. However, it seems to have just started recently??

    For what it’s worth, here’s my basic config:
    I recently wiped my phone and installed the following:
    on BES
    The Weather Network App
    Poynt App
    TD Canada Trust App App
    AppWorld App

  18. Ro, what OS do you have on your 9700?

  19. Not seeing this on any of the devices I have which are all on Verizon running Verizon latest official release:
    9530 Storm on BIS
    9550 Storm2 on BIS
    9630 Tour on BES

    from my BlackBerry Storm…

  20. see this A LOT on my 9700…i found one instance that i can repeat this:

    1st call: someone will call my google voice number which gets forwarded to my cell phone.
    2nd call: someone can call my direct cell number or my google voice, it will show the ID from the 1st call.

  21. I have seen this also. Not frequently, but from time to time. Mine does not change. It stays at a 5 digit number. I dont answer it since i am always avoiding collectors LoL I am running

  22. I have noticed this problem with different model 9630 on Bell , Sasktel and MTS , and Bold9700 on Bell (all running latest OS from their respective provider), the thing is it is also doing the same with Text Messages, Anyone else reporting the SMS problem.

  23. Me too, using 8520 with different OSes (Default, .592, .601, .681)
    Even hybrid doesn’t help

  24. It happens to me sometimes but seems to only occur when I am connected to MS SYNC via bluetooth. It started when I enabled phonebook transfer.

    I haven’t really troubleshot, but is it possibly associated with the BT phonebook transfer settings?

    • now that you mention… I think it occurs mostly when connected to MS SYNC too. Never really that of this as a factor until I read your post.

  25. Never had a Problem! My 9700 runs spectacular! No Issues at all whatsoever!

  26. I wonder if that’s why my Call Blocker Professional is not working like it did before?

  27. I’ve seen this very frequently, mostly when the phone is in standby mode.
    I’m using a 8520 with OS 5

    I don’t remember if this issue was present with 4.6 but it is definitely present on OS 5.0

  28. IT was a known issue on 9700 with fixed since It was affecting SMS too.

  29. I don’t have phantom ID showing as a previous caller, I have it as myself. Sometimes someone will call me and the ID says it is… me, calling myself. And it’s not a split second. The phone will keep ringing and saying it’s me until I pick up the call. So I don’t know who it is until I answer and talk to the other party.

  30. I have this happen to me on my 9550 running the latest from Verizon.

  31. I have been having trouble with my Bold 9650 showing the number only and not showing the name, when the name is correctly programmed as a contact.

  32. Hi, I am using curve 8520, last month i updated its OS to OS v 5.0, and just after that i have seen this lots of time.

  33. It used to happen to me too and was very frustrating and embarrassing sometimes but it has not happened to me in a while since I have been on .680 and probably the OS before that.

    • OK… Thanks! Seems like .680 is the only OS mentioned on this thread that could solve or avoid the problem.

      Has anyone experienced similar problem with .680?

      And may I ask… I need to use Chinese (mostly Simplified Chinese) on my Bold 9700. Does anyone know if .680 is multilingual and include Chinese?

      By the way, I am using a T-Mobile version 9700 in China on the China Mobile network. And currently running .442.


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