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UPDATED: Tether for BlackBerry Only $24.97 Today – 50% Off!

UPDATE: Sorry guys for the mistake on price. It turns out that a software glitch caused by our store provider made the wrong price show in error. They cannot honor that price so we did the best thing we could and offered the same exact 67% discount of all unlock codes in our store until midnight tonight. You can find the details at this link.

Tether for BlackBerry is a popular application that helps you use your BlackBerry data plan to go online from your PC or Mac. Usually the app goes for an excessive $49.95 but for today only you can get it for only $24.97 which is 50% off.

So if you are in the market for a tethering application to get online on the go head on over to the store and pick up Tether for BlackBerry.

Also make sure to check out Vicky’s review of Tether where it received a 10/10 star rating.

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  1. Thanx!!!This is a awesome deal!!!

  2. this is good, but it you look for a free option, use desktop manager or if you have a mac you can use bluetooth to Tether. I use my bluetooth on my MAcBook to tether through my BlackBerry 9700

  3. Following your link shows a price of $24.97. Is there a code needed?

  4. Hey what’s up with the price? I clicked on the link and it said $16.48 and then when I clicked the ADD TO CART button the price changed to $24.97.

  5. I don’t need it but it’s showing up as $24.97 for me.

  6. I really want to purchase Tether but the price is not correct. It shows for $24.97 not the $16.48 you say it should be. Please fix it and let us know so we can make the purchase. Thank you.

  7. I see that they have changed the price back to $24.97.What’s goin on?

  8. Last nite and this morning the price was showing $16.48 now its changed back to $24.97.Please fix the price please to $16.48.thanx.

  9. I’ll buy when it drops to the promoted price.

  10. Drop the price, and I sure will buy it! someone let me know when this happens. Headed to work…

    [email protected]

  11. was told they price was a error and that its $24.97.

  12. Are you aware at checkout the price is $25.00?

  13. Was going to buy at 16.48 and keep as a backup plan, but at 25, it’s not worth it since I wont use it more than a couple of times a year at most. It’s still a great program, but luckily I don’t have a great need for it, yet.

    • I think it was a very limited run at $16.48. I was going to buy it for $25 but during the check out, it became $16.48. However, my brother bought it for $25 just 2 hours prior to me.

      I did buy it over wap though.

  14. Oopsie, didn’t see above mentions of it!

  15. The price is wrong Bob…

  16. I’m sorry guys. It looks like Mobihand hit a snag when they extended the deal of the day for a second day. Still trying to get to the bottom of it.

  17. I am sorry guys I did the best I could. Since the incorrect price was caused by a software glitch the team behind our store refused to honor it. I should have confirmed the price with them before posting it but I did not. Mea Culpa.

    The best I could do was offer the same exact 67% discount on ANY unlock code at our unlock code store. You can find the details at:

    Once again I truly am sorry and I wish we could do more.

  18. Wouldn’t buy at any price now.
    Wasn’t worth it to me at 50% off.

  19. wow. this is lame!

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