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Gym Technik Now Shares Your Workout on Twitter & Facebook

gym technik Some sort of social component was really inevitable for Gym Technik. Their latest update to their self named application adds a nice social angle by letting you show off your progress on Facebook & Twitter. You can share when you reach a workout or body weight goal to keep yourself motivated.

To connect your Facebook & Twitter account with your Gym Technik profile you need to login to their website at and go to My Account –> Share/Link. They also released a new version of the BlackBerry app to support these features and more as you can see in the change log below:

  • Facebook Connect – Share your fitness progress with your friends on Facebook. Gym Technik automatically posts to your Facebook wall each time you start/end workouts and when you gain muscle or lose weight.
  • Twitter Auto-Tweet – Tweet your fitness progress to your followers on Twitter. Gym Technik automatically tweets your progress each time you start/end workouts and when you gain muscle or lose weight.
  • Specific Instructions For A Day – Need unique workout instructions for certain days? You can now override the general workout instructions by entering them directly on the calendar for that day.
  • Workout Preview On Calendar – Working out at home using Gym Technik Online? You can now view the instructions on the workout you’re performing directly from the calendar as you enter the stats Online.
  • Bug Fixes

You can pick up the latest BlackBerry update at

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  1. I love Gym Technik and use it all the time. All these new features are nice but they still dont make it worth $4 per month IMO. You guys need a yearly $19 option or something similar.

  2. Berry Review: Get with the times and give us Disqus for comments.

    • Hi Mark,
      We actually tested out Disqus and it turned out to be a good idea with horrible flaws. First of all it requires javascript for it to work right so it would not work for our hundred of thousand users who come from their BlackBerry. On top of that the Javascript slows down page loading and is also not indexed right by Google since it is not in the HTML of the page. Disqus also provides no way for admins to modify how it looks so things as simple as your name in the comments link to your Disqus profile instead of your website or twitter account.
      There is also the big concern of Disqus holding on to all our comments. Right now we store them all and we could easily move from one place to another. If Disqus goes out of business we lose all our comments. Disqus also provides little to no support so if you have a problem you are up a creek without a paddle. It also does not use our registration system so you would not be able to use it to comment on the forums and other features we plan on adding in the future.
      The only real cool feature I like is the ability to reply to comments VIA email but it was not worth all the other problems.

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