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OS 6.0 Rumors! BlackBerry Devices To Get OS 6.0 & Features

blackberry-9800-itw-08UPDATE: It looks like this information was collected from a couple of sources and relies heavily on information first posited by BBLeaks during WES. I will try to get to the bottom of it.

There is nothing like a good set of rumors to start your week. One of our contacts shared some info they got about which devices will be seeing OS 6.0 when they launch or will have a future upgrade path to OS 6.0. I could not confirm this info so take it with a large grain of salt. Still the info does not conflict with anything we have heard from other sources except for 256mb devices getting OS 6.0 which was up in the air last time we heard. Its also nice to just get the conversation started. ­čÖé

According to our source:

  • The following devices will get OS 6 at launch: The Clamshell 9670, Bold Slider 9800, Atlas 8980, and Kepler 9300
  • The following devices will get OS 6 as an update from OS 5: The Tour 9650, Pearl 9100 and 9105, Bold 9700, and the Storm 9520 and 9550

They also told us that OS 6.0 is currently set for Q3 but even that is not solid since it is currently in early beta and carrier testing is only coming online in July.

Some of the features coming in OS 6.0 include:

  • Graphical context menu in tables list and tabs.
  • The long context menu has ended Unified search framework included in 3rd party app data
  • Multiple contact lists┬á ÔÇô Been waiting for this for ages!
  • Message list enhancements (displaying pushed 3rd party app data)
  • Wifi LBS supports
  • reverse geo coding (geo to zip)
  • travel time service within Canada and USA
  • trackpad support for swipe gestures. ÔÇô VERY COOL!
  • Barcode 1D/2D scanning support
  • Auto-Focus enhancements (Camera lens and Auto-Focus are now separate)
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  1. Hey! Where 8900? Not mentioned =(

  2. A tip that refers to the 9650 as a “Tour” lacks any credibility.

    from my BlackBerry Storm…

  3. It’s really unfortunate that they can’t get 6.0 to work on their 256 mb devices.

    It’s going to leave a large chunk of their install base without the an upgrade path. That will leave those owners with a decision to make and many, many of them may use that opportunity to move to a new platform — iPhone or Android.

    • I totally agree. I’m on a Tour 9630 now, but will seriously consider an Android phone when it comes time to upgrade. RIM is not doing enough to keep their customer base. Too bad!!!

  4. I totally agree. I see the 9700 is slated to get it but my question is the original 9700 or the rumored “re-freshened” 9700 that is slated to be released this summer with more ram? Being an original 9700 owner I will be fuming mad if I am left out in the dark from 6 because RIM was soooo shortsighted to include more ram (which was clearly available when the original 9700 was penned)! And you said it…if I am screwed out of 6, then I will (without an ounce of doubt) will be dropping RIM asap for another platform.

  5. If that’s the case and you’re gonna get so worked up over a RUMOR you should probably just go now. My tip: get a Droid X.

    I’m willing to bet the original 9700 won’t see an official OS 6. I’d be shocked to see an official OS 6 for the Storm 2. And there’s no such thing (and hasn’t even been referenced that way for many months) as a Tour 9650. Dunno the source of this tip but the list of current devices that will get an OS 6 upgrade completely lacks credibility in my eye. As was said, “grain of salt”.

    From my BlackBerry Tour…

  6. The 9650 is a Bold, not a Tour…..

  7. No OS 6.0 for the 9530? That’s it! I’m done! My contract is up at the end of the year. I am off of BlackBerry BIG TIME!!!

  8. I agree with JP, if the original 9700 doesn’t get OS6 I’m moving to Apple. I mean look at the new iPhone OS, at least they’re making a cut down version for the now 3 year old original iPhone that contains many of the new features with the exception of things like multi-tasking. That’s like RIM making putting a near OS6 on an 8300 Curve.

    I’m sorry for sounding off but I’m just annoyed that RIM is cutting off significant upgrades for a phone that was only released in October last year!!!

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