FAQ: Remember To Call Your Mom Using Your BlackBerry Calendar

conference call mom We told you a bit back about how to use your BlackBerry calendar to join a conference call but the same feature works for other purposes. Jerry pointed out to us that you can use the conference call feature in an appointment to remind you to call just about anybody with one click. This trick also requires having BlackBerry OS 4.6.1+ but new devices are equipped with a later OS version. Jerry pointed out the following solution to this problem.

Let’s make believe you’re a perfect child and want to call your Mom at least once a week (humor me!). Well, you can set up a recurring appointment in your BlackBerry’s Calendar that will make this a no brainer!

Simply open your BlackBerry’s Calendar and set up a recurring appointment to Call Mom.  Now check the Conference Call box.  If you’ve set up the Calendar’s Conference Call phone numbers, they will automatically populate the Moderator and Participant information.  Clear all the fields and enter your Mom’s phone number into the Participant Phone filed, and save the appointment. Now, at the appointed time your BlackBerry will not only remind you to call your Mom, but clicking the [Join] button will automatically call her!

Now I may be mistaken, but it seems to me when I tried to set this up in an early OS 5.0 version, I couldn’t set up a Conference Call without an Access Code.  I’m now on OS and can set up a Conference Call without an Access Code (but still can’t put in a Pause or Wait!).

So how long do you think it will take Mom will catch on that your BlackBerry is prompting you to dutifully call her every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00?

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  1. This is an awesome post. I’ve been attempting to articulate how I do this for some time now, but you covered it well.

  2. In response to adding an extension to this feature, just the extension in the access code field. I just tried it and once your call is answered it will then automatically dial the extension. Thanks for this great tip!

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