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Rumor: Possible Specs & Details For BlackBerry Storm 3

BlackBerry 9500 With the latest rumors and whispers from RIM everybody is wondering what they will do with the Storm line. We have already seen the 9800 as what RIM will do with the Bold line but many people are wondering if RIM will maintain a touchscreen only device on the market. Salomondrin has been pretty solid in terms of rumors in the past and the latest word he heard on the street is all about the BlackBerry Storm 3. The tale he spins sounds amazing and I am really hoping RIM is planning on actually releasing this device. It includes all the goodies from LTE to a 1GHz processor with 1GB of RAM.

So far the preliminary specifications and details that Salomondrin posted are:

  1. Its being tested by a very limited team (preventing leaks).
  2. The phone’s shell is still the Storm 2’s shell with different guts though (To make it hard to identify if the phone is lost or photographed).
  3. It does have a 1ghz processor.
  4. 8 GB internal memory.
  5. 512MB flash memory was what they saw first, but apparently they are now playing with these test phones and have over 1GB of flash memory.
  6. It won’t run on OS 6.0. Its going to be running on an OS of its own. <– Really exciting
  7. The phone does have the ability to run widgets and you can personalize it A LOT.
  8. 5 MP camera still on it as off now, but like we saw on the 9670, this can change.
  9. The screen will be something new we haven’t seen yet (new input mechanism) ,but it won’t work like the Storm 2. Yes, it will have SURE-PRESS, but I’m not sure how they are archiving it this time.
  10. Its going to be Verizon’s 1st or 2nd LTE phone. They aren’t sure if the Android phone will be first or the Storm at this point.

What do you think? If RIM would to release such a device would you buy it?

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  1. It sounds good. I hope tmobile will be able to get this phone as well. I love my blackberry phones.

  2. It all depends on OS 6.0 and surepress. I wish they would just get rid of SP imo, the only problem is the BlackBerry works by highlighting and selecting so OS 6.0 would have to be the thing to change it (if they do)

  3. I would love to see this come true. I have try the iphone and it gets boring fast I have always have blackberry. (Blackberry bold 9700 on AT&T) but hope it comes to AT&T or if it doesn’t I will switch to Verizon for this storm.

  4. This better come with a high-res screen. Current RIM hardware is so 2005…

  5. Yes, I would buy it just for the 1 GHz processor alone after using the Droid Incredible for 6 weeks with a 1 GHz snapdragon processor. My Storm2 feels so slow compared to the Droid Incredible and even the Motorola Droid. The lag and hourglass on the screen drive me crazy.

    Here is my wish list for the Storm3.

    1) 1 GHz or faster processor
    2) 480 x 800 pixel or higher screen resolution. Please RIM stop making devices with 360 x 480 pixel screens (like the upcoming slider which should have had a higher resolution screen). I don’t know how you can justify the Storm2 having the same screen resolution as the Bold 9700, Tour 9630, Bold 9650 and Curve 8900 when the Storm2 screen is twice the physical size those other devices which have physical keyboards.
    3) Webkit browser
    4) 5 megapixel camera or higher. 8 megapixel camera with 720p video recording would be great.
    5) 1gb or more of flash memory
    6) At least 8gb of internal memory but preferable 16 or 32gb.
    7) LTE support and the ability to do simultaneous voice and data on the mobile network.

    I’m tired of people bashing SurePress. I think most Storm2 users seem to like it. I love it because you actually have to click the screen to select something, type the letter, go inside a folder or launch an application as opposed to the way most touch screens work. I think most of the people who bash SurePress are either people who’ve never even used a Storm2 or only tried one for a few minutes. Use it for a week and 2 and then tell me if you still think it stinks. I can type so fast using the SureType (i.e. Pearl) style keyboard on the Storm2.

  6. Add a full qwerty keyboard ala the slider and OS 6 and wow what a device!!

  7. I was drooling up to the words, “it will have SurePress”. 🙁
    I have a storm2. Not liking the surepress. Wish they’d get rid of it. I’m now looking forward to the 9800/Torch/SliderThingaMajig version. Not liking the idea of jumping to a carrier that shares the airwaves with the crapPhone, but I need a fullsized keyboard, and with touchscreen, it’s a slam dunk.

  8. I’m guessing, by the time it is released, the mainstream processor would have become 1.6 or maybe 2ghz. Right now many phones are 1ghz already

  9. Not at ALL liking the idea of this having a custom OS that departs from the OS6 mainstream. BAD BAD BAD idea.

    • I agree 100%. The more you vary the OS, the more work for developers (which means when brand new awesome apps are released for BlackBerry, you Storm3 users will have to wait for them to be ported). Not that I’m promoting Apple by any means, but RIM really should adopt some of their practices…like limiting the new handsets from 15+/year to just a few really good improvements, or standardizing the OS between handhelds.

  10. I can’t wait to see what this will look like! I DESPERATELY need a replacement for my Storm 9530 running OS 5.0. I LOVE my Storm with SurePress but I need much more RAM (or a way to move apps to device memory), a faster & better browser with tabs,

    Perhaps RIM should keep the Storm with SurePress and release things like the 9800 without SurePress to please those folks that don’t like it. Personally, I hate accidentally selecting things when I’m trying to scrool or zoom! The SurePress click screen is a wonderful way to provide feedback to the user while typing. I hope RIM NEVER gets rid of it.

    Features I’d like to see:

    1. 2 cams for video calling — this will be absolutely HUGE in the coming year or two!
    2. 8 MP main cam with 720p video! Need the extra megapixels because optical zooming is not possible on a phone (at least if you want to make it compact!).
    3. 1.6 or 2 GHz processor for less “clock wait”.
    4. Apps moved to 8 GB device memory & 1 GB (app-free) RAM for lots of app downloads from App World!
    5. Support for TWO (2) 32 GB microSD flash cards, since microSD is limited to 32 GB.
    6. Hi-res screen about 800×600 at the minimum (Apple is up to 900×640).
    7. Fast Webkit browser for a gorgeous web experience!
    8. Second mic for noice cancellation to improve audio quality.
    9. 3G & 4G support — full support for 7.2 Mbps and beyond (HSPA+ & LTE).
    10. A better back-end OS than OS 6.0; OS 6.0 adds some nice GUI features, but the BlackBerry OS kernel needs some many enhancements and optimizations.

    I can always dream, but since this device is at least 6 months away or more, RIM’s competitors already have many of these items on their devices TODAY! 12 months from now, these will all be standard in every high-end smartphone. In other words, if this device is 12 months away from being released, we will expect more!

    As well, RIM should really consider integrating voice (i.e., VoIP) into BBM! RIM should also consider hosting a calendar service such as Google Calendar. BIS users depend on Google, who really have no interest in supporting BlackBerry platform, but Google Sync is a necessity. Also, people need to sync not just their calendars and contacts but their tasks as well. People don’t need to log into to the web site necessarily but they do need to be able to sync their calendars, contacts, and tasks. I don’t sync my contacts, but I would like to sync the other two!

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