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Advanced Users: Free On Device BlackBerry Engineering Screen Code Generator App

BBEscreen NOTE: You can really screw up your device by messing around with options available in this screen. This is meant for those who know what they are doing and are willing to take some risks.

Just last week we told you about a new website source for Engineering Screen codes for your BlackBerry. I mentioned in that article that I would love if somebody could turn the generator into a BlackBerry app. Keeper & Louis let us know that NguyenLong has created a on device app that generates unlock codes which is awesome! You can pick up the free app OTA at this link.

To use the app you need to:


  • Press ALT+SHIFT+H to get to the Help Me Screen and remember the uptime it lists
  • Press ALT+BB-Button to switch apps back to the homescreen
  • Launch the eScreen generator app
  • Type in your uptime and select the duration of days you wish the screen to be activated for
  • Hit the menu button and select Get Key
  • Jot down the key it generates and press ALT+BB-Button to switch apps back to the net_rim_escreen_app also called the Help Me Screen
  • Type in the key you jotted down in the step before and type it in (you will not see anything) using ALT for numbers
  • You should now see the engineering screen!

Alternatively you could just use this website. In case you didn’t catch our article about engineering screens back in May there is a hidden Engineering Screen in the BlackBerry OS. It contains a ton of options and views into what you device is doing and how it is running. The screen is definitely for the geek in some of you to see and tinker with your BlackBerry’s OS. You can see some sample data in the images above.

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  1. wasnt this already posted in the last article? Already downloaded and installed it last week.

  2. Will create a ALX/COD out of the JAD in case it goes down.

  3. Hi and thanks for appreciating the app, this app came from my friend, NguyenLong (A Vietnamese coder) and I thought it’s useful for BBers around here. It’s pity that we can’t find out the way to provide the (???) numbers and the uptime. It’s pretty handy if we can make it done.

    Anyway, we are listening for ideas or comments and trying to code out FREE cool stuff for everyone.

    Just email requests or suggestions to us at: [email protected] or [email protected]


  4. Works great on my 8100.

    But, how do you get back to it once you’ve activated the engineering screen, then exit out.

    Once I’ve exited out, I can’t get back to it. Alt+Shift+H no longer does anything.

  5. Alt+Shift+H Should take you to the engineering screen until the time period you selected expires. I think you can also trick it by changing the date in your calendar.

  6. That’s what I’m doing (as I said I tried), but the screen won’t come back up again. Nothing.

    I got to the Help screen initially by hitting those keys. It’s just will not come back up after I got to the engineering screen and then got out.

    I’ll see if the help screen comes up after the one day time expires.

  7. And if it doesn’t work? I cannot get to the Engineer screen even if I do all the instructions correctly???

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