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Pitch Count Simplifies Counting Pitches – Giveaway 10 Copies!

pitch count I love when I hear about BlackBerry apps like Pitch Count. It is a uber-niche application that simplifies a analog task for a small group of users. Its a good sign that RIM’s application ecosystem has evolved enough to support the development of niche applications.

Pitch Count was created out of the need to count pitches of a little league team. Counting pitches is a tedious task and analog manual clicker is not ideal. It was also a pain to remember what the count was for the other team’s pitcher. Based on this need Tom at BLUU created an application that can keep a running total of balls, strikes, total (balls + strikes), as well a strike statistic for two teams. I included a menu entry that contains current Little League age pitch limits along with several key pitcher rules. BLUU was created about two months ago and has been tested by coaches who had BlackBerrys. The app works best on Storm devices but it does also look good on non-touch devices.

Currently Pitch Count retails for $2.99 but it is on sale for $0.99 until the end of the month. BLUU told me they want to make the app free with ad support but they are waiting for RIM to release their advertising API.

Giveaway Details: BLUU gave us 10 copies of Pitch Count to give away for free. The giveaway is first come first serve. All you have to do is head to the Pitch Count product page in the store and checkout using the coupon code BRPC10. Don’t forget to thank BLUU if you get a free copy!

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  1. count me in… I help coach little league and this would be great since one of me duties is to count picthes…

  2. the code is not working

  3. The code is not working

  4. “This promotion code is not valid.”

  5. Clearly 1 of the first 10 and the code is not valid… ummm…help?

  6. Indeed. I think BerryReview should provide a free copy to the first ten folks who posted that the code is not valid. We were here first and when (if?) they get the code fixed, it will turn into a scramble. Whaddya say, Ronen? Will you step up to the plate on this one? 🙂

  7. I tried the code and its not valid!…… Please fix this.

  8. Please Pick me.

  9. All, I apologize for the code not working. This is my first application in the BerryReview store and I boned the coupon up. Anyway, I believe I have fixed it and request that you try again. The code is still BRPC10. Thanks and please send your suggestions after using the application.

    • You have indeed fixed it. I just downloaded it, using the now-working coupon code, and will try it out shortly. Thanks to you and Ronen for making this possible. Even with the little frustration at the beginning.

      • Cool, Thanks for letting me know. I do apologize, it wasn’t my intent to create frustration for anyone. As you use the application, send me comments or suggestions if you have any. You will find a contact email address in the “About” menu entry. Thanks again.

        • Since I’m using this on a non-touch phone, I’d like to suggest some button functionality for incrementing the count. Since the Balls and Strikes buttons on the screen fall directly over the Menu and Return keys, it’d be nice to be able to press the corresponding key. That can be done without having to look at the screen each time to make sure the proper button is selected. Of course, doing that impedes the use of the Menu and Return keys. So another suggestion would be making the Q and P keys active.

          Other than that, it’s a cool app, and if you can find a way to prevent the phone from getting smashed by a foul ball to the third base coaches’ box, I’d really appreciate it.

          • Phred,

            You should have gotten a new version notification. I just wanted to let you know this new version contains your suggestion for the Q and P keys for incrementing a ball or strike. Other notable changes are new menu entries for subtracting a ball or strke. The clear button has also moved to the menu rather than being on the screen. Let me know how you like the new updates. Thanks.

    • Just downloading now! Thanks a lot! Can’t wait to test it out!

  10. Thanks Guys (:

  11. There is one code is still available!! Thanks to all who downloaded the application! Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

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