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FAQ: 3 Useful Email Message Subject Line Commands When Sending Emails

Problems-solutions I have known about the <confirm> email message subject line command for awhile but I was not aware of two others that RIM pointed out in a new Knowledgebase article. If you put <confirm> in the subject line of an outgoing email you will receive a delivery confirmation for that email. You can setup a AutoText to easily type that one in. I set it to “cm” for easy access. NOTE: I know that the <confirm> command works with BIS accounts but I think these other two commands only work for BES accounts.

The two commands I did not know about were <$SuppressSaveInSentItems> and <$RemoveOnDelivery>. Below is a description of how they work:


    • This tag is only used when an email message is sent from the BlackBerry smartphone. When the tag is added to the subject line, the sent message is prevented from being saved in the sending user’s Sent Items folder on the messaging server.


      • When this tag is added to the subject line of an email message sent to a BlackBerry smartphone user, the message is automatically removed (hard deleted) from the user’s inbox once the email message is delivered to the recipient’s BlackBerry smartphone. However, the message remains on the BlackBerry smartphone.

      If you want a nice explanation of the <confirm> command here is how RIM describes it:

      • This tag requests delivery confirmation for an email message that is sent to a BlackBerry smartphone user. When an email is sent with <$Confirm> or <confirm> in the subject line, an automatic reply is sent when the original email message is delivered to the BlackBerry smartphone and the BlackBerry smartphone sends back the ACK packet. The BlackBerry smartphone does not need to successfully decrypt or display the message, since the ACK packet is sent before either of these events occurs. Once the ACK packet is delivered to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server generates the message and sends it to the sender of the email message, making it appear as if the confirmation message came from the recipient’s mailbox.
      • A delivery confirmation is made for any message that has this tag and is delivered to a BlackBerry smartphone. This includes email messages in the Sent Items folder. For example, BlackBerry smartphone user A sends an email message to BlackBerry smartphone user B from the email application. BlackBerry smartphone user A also has the Sent Items folder redirection turned on. When the email message is delivered to BlackBerry smartphone user B, BlackBerry smartphone user A receives two delivery confirmations:
        1. The first is due to the email message sent to BlackBerry smartphone user B
        2. The second is due to the email message that is in the sender’s Sent Items folder
      • When this tag is used with multiple options, it must begin with ‘<$‘ and must end with ‘>. Example: <$Confirm,RemoveOnDelivery>

        The following is an example of delivery confirmation message:

        Your message:
        TO: [email protected]
        SENT: Fri Jul 03 03:44:17 2009
        Eastern Daylight Time
        SUBJECT: <$confirm>
        has been delivered to the recipient’s BlackBerry Handheld.

      • Delivery confirmation may be turned on or off by adding a registry key to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Research in Motion/BlackBerry Enterprise Server/Servers/<BESName>/DisableConfirm
      • This tag also works with BlackBerry Internet Service accounts.
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      1. Remove on delivery works with BIS accounts. SmrtGuard is using it when sending commands to terminal.

        • Confirmed.

          Plus BlackBerry Messenger uses it when a BlackBerry Messenger contact is an email address rather than a PIN number.

          from my BlackBerry Storm…

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