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Free vnbbUtils Packs A Slew of Desktop Utilities in One App

vnbbutils2 When people first mentioned vnbbUtils I hesitated mentioning it because part of the functionality could be used for nefarious purposes. On the other hand in the past few weeks since I started using it I have found it invariably useful for the functionality it provides. So I decided to mention it and just warn you that stealing applications makes it harder if not impossible for developers to maintain them and produce more. To pervert Atharva Veda’s quote “vnbbUtils is a double edged sword, it has power and is capable of accomplishing both useful and destructive feats.”

With that said below is a nice list of the features found in vnbbUtils. It is kind of a mix between BBMCP and JL_cmdr with some escreen activation built in. It allows you to:

  • Get information of the BB that connected to your computer (automatically detecting BB is connected/disconnected to/from the computer). Providing this information for OTA Downloader and EScreen Activation code generator. Especially, it help OTA Downloader simulate the environment of your BB to download the suitable version of software with your BB model and ROM version.
  • USB Driver: Install USB Driver for Blackberry. If you have not install BDM yet, Computer can not recognize your BB as an USB Drive. Only click on USB Driver button, that problem have been resolved, BDM free. This driver is only for USB Drive, not for BB device manager, so if you want using full functions of vnbbUtils, install BDM is required.
  • Set Time: Synchronize system time of your BB with computer
  • Generate code for the Activation of Engineering Screen
  • Take a screenshot of BB Screen and save as a JPG image file on your computer. Create a Video Stream of BB Screen and save as AVI video file (record the activities of BB-screen, video recording in AVI format)
  • Download software for BB from OTA link to your computer. This feature has been improved superior to other OTA Download utilities, allows you to download from the site that check terminal connect to as Google, Opera Mini, mopipocket … Downloaded Softwares are stored in folder vnbb\OTA\App_Name
  • Create ALX file to installed by BDM. Created from JAD file or Cod files that available.
  • Create JAD file to install from SDCard. JAD is created from ALX or Cod files.
  • Convert JAR to COD(s): this feature allow you to convert JAR file to COD & ALX.
  • Load Cod(s): lets you install software from Cod files to BB directly. But I prefer to using Install from JAD
  • Install from JAD: lets you install software on computer to BB from the JAD file easily and quickly. Helping people who using old BB model (do not have memory card) can install software normally without opening BDM.
  • Read system modules installed in the BB then:
    • Save modules. Necessary in case of backup applications or store applications installed directly from your BB Browser to computer.
    • Delete unnecessary modules, optimizing memory of your BB. There is a option that allows you choose to delete these modules on computer also.
  • Read the information in the Event Log
  • Delete Event log to release memory.
  • Wipe Device at low-level, this function help you when you want to upgrade OS
  • Factory Reset: remove IT policy.

You can find the app free at this link on the VNBB blog. Let us know what you think of the app in the comments.

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  1. Hehe, chúc mừng bác vnbb, chúc mừng blackberry vietnam

  2. Do you still have to install bdm to tether?

  3. I think that linking to a website that has utilities designed to provide registration codes for various programs is very irresponsible. I would suggest pulling this article immediately. I have been a fan of your site for some time now but have a hard time recommending it to anyone when you have these kind of posts.

    • That is why there is a disclaimer, the app does have it’s usefulness but as Ronen stated it is a double edge sword due to that, maybe the developer could make changes to the app it be to their best interest. Maybe make two versions.

      • As a developer, I am appalled that you would support or defend this company that has a product to cheat developers by generating registration codes. Are you a legitimate blog or not?

        To post some lame excuse that you’ve thrown up a disclaimer, and therefore it’s all OK, is completely irrelevant. By posting an article about this company’s product, you are supporting a company that cheats developers out of their revenue. This does nothing but weaken the BlackBerry software developer market.

        I can understand if you didn’t know about their product, but to post it anyway after you know is irresponsible.

        BTW, I’m hiding my identity because I’ve found out in the past that speaking out publicly against hackers like this company just results in having our products targeted for more piracy. That’s the kind of people you are helping with this post.

  4. I stopped back hoping to see this article missing. I know 1 person probably doesn’t mean much to you but I don’t think I’ll be stopping buy much anymore. As ‘developer’ said the lame excuse that you have a disclaimer is disgraceful. I can’t really think of any reputable site that would support any type of piracy. I’m surprised any company would want to do business with you based on this type of behavior. I really hope you come to your senses and pull this article and post an apology to the developer your are helping steal from.

  5. VnbbUtils can use replace BDM (incomplete) but it useful for BBers , because this Tools integrated a lot of utilies

  6. To me its kind of like mentioning guns. They can be use for protection or murder… Just because the people who created guns make it for wars doesn’t mean they don’t have a purpose otherwise. Its all a matter of perspective.
    I think it is abhorrent that they promote piracy but we are not promoting piracy. We are mentioning a tool that is very useful for all BlackBerry users. It happens to be that it comes from a disreputable source.

    • I think if people want to use these generators they’re going to use them whether this post exists or not. I like the software (vnbbUtils) but I’ve no interest in the rest of the site. Give people some respect. I purchase all my apps legitimately.

    • So you’re saying that yes, this company is stealing from some people, but they have a product I like, so I’m going to promote them anyway?

      • I’m not saying that. I’m saying I can differentiate right from wrong. I dont condone what certain countries do to their own people but I still buy products from these countries.

  7. Agree with Developer – this is a really dissapointing attitude from BerryReview considering how much they have supported the development community in the past.
    Piracy such as this is really destructive to growing dev communities like ours, and in the long run postings like this are only of benefit to the pirates themselves.

    “they can be use for protection or murder… Just because the people who created guns make it for wars doesn’t mean they don’t have a purpose otherwise. Its all a matter of perspective.”
    Right – so what other use does a key generator have again? Come on now.

  8. I’m tired of the so called blackberry developpers who make crappy sharewares like in 1995 and get all offended when keygens are out. Most of these sharewares have their free equivalent on iPhone and Android, yet blackberry devs think “it’s for professionals, I’ll make them pay”.
    I love my blackberry but I think 99.9% of the apps are complete crap (most of the good ones are free, btw) so why would I pay for them ?

  9. So what you’re saying is that it’s okay to steal something if the price is too high? Buy an iPhone if you feel their apps better meet your needs.

    • I am not sure what the price has to do with anything? The only thing that think can be abused by this specific application is if people use it to grab the OTA download of an application and share it. On the other hand people could do that already today without the tool and sideload it with BBMCP this just makes it easier and some people cannot do OTA installs which is why I mentioned the tool.
      About them creating key generators. I do not condone key generators but that does not mean we should disregard a validly useful utility because the same company also has other products that I think are wrong and hurt the developer ecosystem. We are not condoning their actions just mentioning a tool that we found useful.

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