Gifts for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day around the corner I know many of you are still wondering what do get your Dad. Want to give your Dad a present he will use and love, any of these will make you his favorite child. I know many people who have been waiting for the last minute for gift ideas to come so here are some good suggestions! Keep in mind a new BlackBerry wouldn’t hurt! 🙂

  • Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote – Control the world from the palm your hand
  • Jawbone Icon– Out doing themselves with their best yet bluetooth headset
  • Nextar Navigation 43LT – A GPS with free live traffic.
  • DiddyBeats – Beats by Dre’s hottest new headphones from Sean “Diddy” Combs


Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote
List: $249.99
Purchase: Amazon$179.99

The ultimate “MAN’s Toy.” This remote will replace all your other remotes you have. Before I started using the remote I was a little hesitant. I thought it would be too confusing, however it’s the simplest thing in the world. I was able to put my own picture on the touch screen which is pretty cool, but it made the icons hard to read so I went back to the default.  For what the remote can do the size is really compact. Although this remote seems to be a slam dunk, it is a shame that there is no RF capability and you must use a computer to set up. I would recommend buying two of them because you’ll be jealous and want one yourself 🙂


Jawbone ICON
List: $99.99
Purchase: Berry Review Store

With 6 different styles there’s one for everyone. Each ICON has different pre-recorded voice, however you can download from any of the AudioApps that a different style might have.  A new feature that is very useful is the simultaneous multipoint. You can connect to multiple phones and even place a call on hold and answer the other device. Two new features that makes the ICON my favorite bluetooth device has to be the power switch and MyTalk. No more holding down buttons and waiting to power on or off. Flip the switch and that’s it. Also the “whisper” talk  is great. When you power the ICON on it tells you the remaining battery life, and when you get incoming calls it reads the number. It doesn’t stop there as this Jawbone can be easily charged by a standard micro-USB. Go and pick up the Jawbone ICON making your Father’s Day present the best.


Nextar 43LT
List: $169.99
Purchase: Best Buy $89.99

Every day another portable navigation system comes out. The pricing starts very high and the others drop fast. Best Buy is carrying the Nextar 43LT for under $90 and is a great bang for your buck. The features that stick out to me are Live Traffic and Speed Warning. The software warns you if you go over the limit, either by voice or a symbol. For some reason I find the touch not as responsive but good enough. I guess that’s why a stylus is included.  Like most GPS the software is constantly updated and can be easily done by going to


List: $179.95

Another successful product from Beats by Dre and Monster. Diddybeats sticks to the Beats Family by giving off a nice bass sound. Listening to all types of music you are able to really pinpoint the instruments. Walking in the streets with my Diddybeats a few people asked about my stylish headphones. The headphones are also lighter than others and by no means feel cheap. One things that bothers me is the L/R ear pieces. There is just a small L/R on the pair. Simple solution, you need to remember the mic is on the right left 🙂 These ear-bud style headphones were personally co-designed by Sean “Diddy” Combs. They are leather wrapped and as Diddy said he “likes they way they feel coming out of your pocket.” Diddybeats comes in Black, Pink, and Diddy’s favorite color White. Bottom line, get that special person Beats by Dre’s Diddybeats for Father’s Day.

Note: We received review units from these vendors to evaluate the products

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