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App World Updated to v1.1.0.35 – No Change Log

App World update UPDATE: RIM pointed out in their Twitter account that this update now lets you read reviews over WiFi. If I would have known I would not have bothered updating and having to reboot…

Quite a few tipsters let us know that RIM has gone and updated BlackBerry App World to v1.1.0.35 from v1.1.0.33. Thanks to RIM’s consistent lack of a change log we have no idea why we should upgrade. Mike Lazaridis should give his App World team a taste of his “Bandwidth Conservation” philosophy. Telling people to update a 1MB app over the air without giving them a reason… Seems counterintuitive to his preaching on conserving wireless bandwidth for what could just as easily be a useless upgrade that might just only add support for more countries.

Still if you want the latest and greatest head to from your BlackBerry or just update inside of App World.

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  1. Hopefully the wifi bug is fixed.. And less batt consuming..

  2. After upgrading the app on my 8900 on OS and rebooting, the icon disappeared and I can’t get it back… It’s not worth reloading the OS just to run App World…
    Way to go, RIM!

  3. It boggles the mind that it takes 1mb in mobile code for what is essentially a portal! Of course, some can see it as a conspiracy to trade in your memory-challenged older device for a shiny new one. =)

  4. It’s truly amazing that RIM releases this update even though the home screen icon disappears after updating. And nothing short of a full device wipe and restore will fix it. AFAIC, it’s much easier to just delete App World.

    For those who are interested, here’s the workaround from RIM’s KnowledgeBase on the problem:

    To get the BlackBerry App World icon to reappear, complete the following steps:
    1. Back up the BlackBerry smartphone by following the instructions in KB12487.
    2. Delete all data and applications from the BlackBerry smartphone using the Wipe Handheld option by following the instructions in KB14058.
    3. Restore the data from the backup taken in step 1 by following the instructions in KB10339.
    Note: When the Wipe Handheld option is used, all data on the BlackBerry smartphone is erased. This might affect sending and receiving email messages. If the BlackBerry smartphone is associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, complete the enterprise activation process to restore messaging functionality.

  5. Its really unfortunate that RIM doesnèt seem to be taking this seriously. I say this because this has been going on now for a loooooonnnnng time. A simple solution would have been to just revert back to the previous version of Appworld and push it up to all our devices. At least we would be able to use it in the meanwhile.

    Surely if anybody from RIM ever visited these forums and saw how dissatisfied their customers were, they would come up with some sort of interum solution. At the very least they could appease a lot of people by just informing us that they are indeed continually working on the problem.

    From my standpoint (and I’m sure other users), it seems like they have just swept it under the rug.

    Iphone hits Canada on July 30th and I think I’m going to give it a try.

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