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More BlackBerry 9300 Pictures Emerge

9300-2 The BlackBerry 9300 showed its face to the internet just a few days back and now BBleaks got their hands on some new pictures.  The 9300 is rumored to be the successor to the 85xx series with an upgrade to 3G, and WIFI. Bbleaks is also reporting that there might be a 9320/30 in the works probably a CDMA version or maybe one with 512MB of RAM, the one we see here only has 256.

So far the the specs are said to include:

* Only 256MB of flash memory
* Device is running on OS 5.0
* 3G Bands 1 2 5 6
* 320X240 display
* No flash
* Wi-FI

More pictures after the jump…

9300-3 9300-4 9300-1

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  1. Another device rehash of a phone that hasn’t even been out a year? Come on RIM, we don’t need these incremental changes, especially bringing 3G and 11n to a device with a lowe res screen and not enough RAM to run your new OS? I’m thinking more every day that RIM is totally out of touch with the market.

    from my BlackBerry Storm…

  2. So true I was just saying the same thing a few days back with small upgrades but if you look at the history of RIM devices that’s exactly what they do when they started with the curve line the 8300 had camera, 8310 GPS the 8320 wifi and so on,

  3. That’s my point Luis. RIM is pissing away resources on piddling hardware mods, like they feel some need to change every device on the market in less than a year. They had a HUGE OS lead that they have essentially sat on their butts watching it flitter away as Android and Apple consistently give people what they want. BlackBerry OS is still stuck in 2007, even the latest OS 5 (and we’re up over 700 builds now) is hardly much improved from OS 4.5 3 years ago. Yet here they are launching a device that probably can’t even run OS 6 (not enough RAM)! WTFO? And still with a 320×240 screen??? Ridiculous when the cost difference is likely under $10 from the Bold/Tour screen. *SIGH*

    Its just frustrating because I’ve been a BlackBerry fanatic since the 6xxx days, and I have to say there is not a huge amount of REAL functional change even going back that far. A BlackBerry still does well what it did well then, but the market has moved in BIG ways and RIM fiddles while Rome burns…

    From my BlackBerry Tour…

    • yeah I agree with that, instead of wasting so much time in so many different devices with such little upgrades they need to just focus on getting a really nice device and improve the OS.

  4. Hey, RIM (going along the lines of Luis an CO), LISTEN UP!!! Give us a BOLD (9000) form factor, with a polished, chrome bezel (a la 8900, 9700, 96xx) around THE FULL device. USE the WHOLE face of the phone for a tempered glass TOUCH screen. Give us a functional, FAST, PRACTICAL browser WITH FLASH content. KEEP your shortcuts, EDIT your folders, add TABBED browsing! REVAMP your OS (not just the icons) Ur messaging folders are bland. So are your contacts list, media subfolders and app content. OPEN up to developers!!!!!! LIMIT JAVA!!!!! Finally, AESTHETICS, AESTHETICS, AESTHETICS!!!!! I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH!!!! YOU ALREADY HAVE THE BUSINESS MARKET LOCKED!!!! GO FOR THE CONSUMER!!!! KILL EXCLUSIVITY DEALS THAT MAKE NO SENSE!!!! VERIZON AND THE STORM?!!!!!! STORM IS A CONSUMER DEVICE!!!! VERIZON ISN’T EXACTLY THE MOST CONSUMER-GEARED COMPANY HERE IN THE U.S! IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW!!!! THAT IS ALL! GET IT TOGETHER. I’M TIRED OF BEING LOYAL AND GETTING SCREWED!!!!!

  5. Oh come on rim. Wtf is this? I rather stick to my trusty javelin then jump boat!

    Surely ur bold can do better, perhaps with the snapdragon qualcom 1ghz dual core processor, 512mb of ram at least and a camera (5mp seems to be the standard now, 8mp for sony erricson) and yet we are stuck on 3.2mp!

    Curve may have slightly inferior spec but not that much! Comeon! Javelin is one of a perfect curve which should have directly replaced 83xx series rather than the plastic 85xx series!

    And.. Flash being quite a standard even in those brandless phone, this is making our device worse than brandless phones!

    And your new screen resolution sucks. Your competitors screen get sharper and clearer, ours get fuzzier and back dated. Now, one reason rim is getting suckier.

  6. This device makes sense for the low end markets, because the 8520 GSM was behind feature wise compared to the 8530. This basically puts them on par.

    Lack of flash is not going to be a dealbreaker (which even high end phones like the iPhone and Touch Pro 2 leave out) for this market.

    I don’t expect any of the people who read forums or blogs like this to appreciate it, but this phone is going to sell just fine, because it isn’t targeting you.

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