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Review: Blackvoib – A SIP Client for Blackberry

It looks like more and more true SIP clients for Blackberry are in development these days. This is great news, as many previous so called VOIP applications for Blackberry were mere dialers. This one comes from Black Communications, you can download the demo/beta version here.

The beta version has two limitations:

1. DTMF passthrough is disabled.

2. It expires on September 15, 2010.

I grabbed the software via OTA download from their site. Even though the site says it is 0.51, it is actually 0.52. The author frequently tweaks the application, as more people try and report issues. One of the modules sounded like a network capture software, but it didn’t seem to have any malicious effects:

Capture on 06-04-2010 07-55-12

I have to congratulate the author, as he only requires Recording permissions. Lately I have seen so many apps that require all the permissions or they refuse to work. It is crazy.

Capture on 06-04-2010 07-55-27

One suggestion to the author, the application comes with some settings, which causes network fail errors.It would be better, if the settings came empty and the application had an option to start registering to the SIP server on request, instead of automatically starting connection and all.

Capture on 06-04-2010 07-56-04

The settings are pretty straightforward. At the minimum, enter your Display Name, User Name, Password, Domain. Check Register with Domain, if you want to receive calls. Depending on your provider (both for Blackberry and SIP Service), you may need to enter Outbound Proxy and STUN Server. I left APN empty and it used my device’s settings to connect. You can also use Wifi, if your device supports it.

Capture on 06-04-2010 07-56-21

The app currently supports only GSM phones and uLaw G711 audio codec. According to the author, it is impossible to make it work with CDMA phones. The minimum required OS version is 4.6. The author promises dial from addressbook feature in the full release.

I wasn’t able to receive incoming calls, but this could be related to my setup. I made several outgoing calls via both EDGE and WiFi. Both had good sound quality. The major issue is the sound is coming from the speakerphone, which causes echo problems. I hope the author will fix this soon.

Also if you are using your own SIP server, you may see entries like this in your logs:

Registration from ‘”12345″<sip:[email protected]>’ failed for ‘xx.xx.xx.xx – No matching peer found

Whenever you save your settings, the application sends an invalid request to your server to gather some info. So don’t panic. In my tests, the application worked fine sometimes. Many of times, it had issues, such as call failures, network errors, it even crashed my SIP server twice. All in all it is a great work in progress. I would recommend you to give it a shot.


  • Works with EDGE, 3G and WiFi
  • Call quality is very good
  • Supports STUN servers (can be crucial for many NAT configurations)


  • Sound comes from speakerphone
  • Only G711 uLaw codec is supported, which uses a higher bandwidth compared to G729 and similar.
  • Interface is very simplistic and there is no integration to Blackberry
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  1. Says GSM only. I think I’ll try it on my 9650 with a T-Mo SIM card

  2. Anyone gotten this to work with a Gizmo5 account?

  3. I used an Asterisk Server Nikolaus. Haven’t tried it with Gizmo5. What settings did you use?

    • For Gizmo5 it is:
      SIP Settings

      Proxy Server (Host):
      Proxy Server (IP):
      Registration Server:
      SIP Port (UDP): 5060
      STUN Server:
      STUN Port: 3478
      User ID: 17471115555 (replacing with your 1747)
      Auth ID: 17471115555 (replacing with your 1747)
      Password: (your gizmo5 password)

  4. I know what settings Gizmo uses, I use it on my Asterisk Server already :), I was asking what settings you used on the app.

    I will shut down the Asterisk and try to login via Blackvoib. Will let you know the results.

  5. Are there any voip apps that don’t use the speakerphone? I would love to have access to my asterisk box from my phone but cannot have it to where it is using the speakerphone, for security reasons also. Other than that, this app looks promising.

  6. Has anyone gotten this to work with Iconnecthere? I tried using as outbount proxy but wont connect.

  7. Dear sir ,
    I downloaded black voip on my bb-8520 i used jumblo .com voip so how can i communicate it with blackvoip
    what is Domain:
    and what is outbound proxy & Stun server?

    Awaiting for your answer


  8. Dear sir,
    Thanks as per link by u i completed installation i try to call from my bb 8520 but no sound/ring of outgoing call on my mobile my net is ok of 4mbps same calling possible from my laptop

  9. I m Using actionvoip, i did the following setting, but receive error msg
    settings I did is
    Usernam : actionvoip user name
    Password : actionvoip password
    Domain :
    Outbound proxy : left blank
    stun server :

    but the following error msg i get

    IP address if registrar cannot be resolved
    IP address of outbound proxy cannot be resolved
    IP address of stun server cannot be resolved. not using stun

    Pls help

    Thanks in advance

  10. Are you using WIFI or 3G? I just tried as the domain(3G and WIFI). It works on my 9000 and 9700.

  11. I Install the Blackvoib SIP client in my blackberry curve 8520. It rings (No ringing sound, but text signal). On establishing the call, I cannot hear anything, but they hear me with delay. Disappointing…

  12. am getting the same problem.

    network fail.

    ip address of registrar cannot be resolved

    ip address of stun server cannot be resolved.plz help.

    i just dont know wether i have installed it properly, but i have done exactly as given above.

  13. You guys should check out the discussion forum at the site.

  14. Hi,
    I have installed this (BlackVoip) application Blackberry 8900. I have connect to the 3cx SIP server which is hosted locally. And connection from Blackberry client to server is done through Wifi. I am able to call the 3cx client which is installed in my system locally. But i am unable to hear the voice ( not able to hear the audio). Is this client compatible with 3Cx server. Can u pls suggest one open source server where where it worked properly ?
    Thanks and Regards,

  15. I cant download the full version when I download it the file size only 1 K how can I download the full version

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