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Remko’s Forum for BlackBerry

I have personally known a few people who have questions about their BlackBerry from time to time. They scour the internet looking for the answers, post questions on forums then they keeping running back to their computers looking for the replies. Now the running around can end.

Created by Remko Weingarten, maker of Email-SMS Announcer, Remko’s forums take the forums from the desk to your hand. You can find anything from a Pin Exchange section, to helpful information for your BlackBerry. You can also gather followers for Twitter and Foursquare and find new friends for MySpace and FaceBook. There are even Regional areas and even a section for Sports Enthusiasts!

I have been on the forums for a couple of weeks now and I have to admit that it is very well put together. Launched in March of 2010, Remko’s Forums has gained quiet a following and it has yet to slow down.

You can join Remko’s Forums simply by downloading the app from App World. Best of yet, it’s FREE! Join the over 100,000 members on the forums and start searching, posting and finding all the information you need and make some new friends while your at it!

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  1. I’ve been on the forum for a while now as well. I’m impressed with the integration into the message folder. The navigation could be better but this is a step in the right direction for sure.

  2. This more of a social network app than forum ãpplication

  3. What are the advantages of this over say using this forum or Crackberry’s with BerryBlab aside from the free part?

  4. Don’t forget about BerryReview Forums!

    Have to say though, the Crackberry Forums have FAR more daily users and abusers. No on device app, but via the browser they are quite easy to use.

    from my BlackBerry Storm…

  5. I’ve been using Remko’s forum for a month or so now, and its definitely more thank “just” a forum. And a lot more convenient than other forums. Its not just a place for blackberry support type of conversations but a place to talk about anything and everything really. I personally enjoy the contraversial issues and politics sections. Well worth the download, and even better because its free.

  6. remko is good if you are looking for sports etc…. they are not to open to freedom of speech since made by a duetch man in india. i was disapointed for if you are involved in a converstion and you have an open forum others maybe offended. then remko comes in and deletes everyone and everything. myspace and facebook still are the leaders and you dont feel like mom is watching.

    waste of time.

  7. Remko is based in Indonesia. If you carefully read the rules. The limitations are great use of the word stupid can get you removed. They read your emails to others and can get rid of you for many tiny reasons. I prefer freedom of speech when posting. They have a long way to go. To keep up with the competition. Oh no trying to meet singles and no selling. Twitter is best

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